Ragi porridge mix

Home Made Ragi Porridge mix for babies

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Ragi-1 cup



1.Remove impurities from Ragi.
2.Wash it atleast 3 times and remove impurities.
3.Let it soak for 12 hours.
4.Drain the water completely.
5.Tie the wet ragi in a white cloth and hang it in a hook for 12 hours.
6.It would have sprouted well.
7.Sun dry or dry it completely in a plain cloth.
8.Once the sprouted ragi is dried completely ,dry roast in a pan until aroma arises. Do it in slow flame. Sprouted part shouldn’t get separated.
9.Cool it.
10. In a dry jar of mixer add this n max fibe powder.
11. Sieve it as many times as possible until u don’t find any residue.
Note :This method will ensure removal of impurities and husk completely. The powder will be a mix of white n browish red if pure. Add 2 spoons of this mix to 1.5 cups of water n cook for 10 to 15 minutes. This will not thicken like pudding. It will be semi solid only

Ragi porridge mix


Check for the growth sprouts daily and sprinkle little water if it does not sprout.

The powder would be hot after grinding. Allow it to cool by spreading before you store.

You can also make a fine powder even without let it sprout. But dry roast before grinding.

Ragi impurities/husk might irritate babies bowel movements. So sieve it as many times as possible.

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