Sweet Lime Juice

Mozambi/Sweet lime /Saathukudi Juice Recipe

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Mozambi/Sweet lime /Saathukudi Juice Recipe:

Mosambi/Sweet Lime/Saathukudi Juice-Juices are always not my choice of fruits. I prefer the whole fruit than any juices. Sweet lime belongs to the citrus fruit family and many avoid it thinking it causes cold. Actually consumption of Vitamin C rich foods prevents you from cold. An amla a day,a mozambi twice in a week keeps you protected from cold. Eating sweet lime along with the skin after de-seeding is an excellent option and best remedy for improving skin tone and digestion.

Come let’s get to the recipe of Mosambi/Sweet Lime/Saathukudi Juice


  • Sweet lime/Mozambi-2
  • Palm Sugar-As per taste

Mosambi/Sweet Lime/Saathukudi Juice

Mosambi/Sweet Lime/Saathukudi Juice


1. Cut mozambi into two halves.

2. I used the juicer from Philips.

Mozambi Juice

3. Just place and press each half cut piece. The juice gets extracted in the collection jar below

4. In the meantime, dissolve palm sugar in a cup of water and filter it.

Swet lime Juice

5. Add juice and water and mix well.

6. Transfer it to a glass and serve.

To prepare juice without the juicer,de-seed the fruit and squeeze the juice in a bowl. Add the juice to water mixed with sweetener and filter well to serve.

Mozambi Juice


Adding chilled water is your choice.

You can skip adding palm sugar if the fruit is sweet enough.

I don’t remove the pulpy part as it has plenty of fibres. It is as per your choice.

Always dissolve sweetener in plain water and then add juice

How to choose a sweet lime?

Prefer buying a fruit that is soft to press and has more yellow than green and has a thin soft skin. Avoid buying wrinkled, bruised, spotted and too soft oranges. Prefer to buy in that season. You need not refrigerate

Facts about juices for babies:

When it comes to juices for babies,I recommend it for a very rare usage. Though many say juices can be offered as early as 6 th month , it is always advisable to reduce more of liquid based items like juices,soups,dal paani as first foods. Certain sources mention that early usage of liquids in babies tend to replace breastfeeding. American Academy of Pediatrics recommends juices only after 12 months.

If you prefer juices for 6 to 12 months baby,let it be very very occasional. For sweet lime juice, squeeze the juice from a fruit(This will yield 30-40 ml juice) and add 20 ml water. Do not add sugar/salt. The water to be added to any juice for babies is exactly 1/10 th of the juice.You should at least make a 50/50 mix.

Never  prefer juices for a baby less than 6 months of age and never prefer juices for a regular meal for babies of 6 to 12 months age unless prescribed by your pediatrician. It is not recommended as per WHO.

Always prefer using a spoon/cup/glass for feeding juices to babies

When you first feed any juice try in the noon.

Keep increasing the juice content in water as time goes on.

Fruit juices are good when its fresh and when it comes to babies too much fruit juices is not good because it might lead to

  • Poor weight gain

  • Replacement of breastmilk

  • Loose stools

  • Early caries in tooth

  • Malnutrition

  • Loss of appetite

  • Poor growth

  • Diarrhea

How much is too much with respect to juice for kids?

117 ml of juice a day is more than enough for 1 to 6 years and max of 350 ml juice is enough upto 12 years. Actually there is no consensus on what is too much when it comes to juices.

The debate on juice for babies goes on and there is no conclusion on it in a consensus manner. But the final line is simple. Make sure your baby gets essential nutrients from breastfeeding till 1 year and other wholesome foods and use juices occasionally. Anything in moderation creates no harm.

For more insights on baby food and all home made baby food recipes please refer www.kitchenkathukutty.com/baby-food

Nutritional Benefits of Mosambi/Sweet Lime per 100 gSource: (USDA Nutrient Database)Energy: 43 kcal

Carbohydrate: 9.3 g

Water: 88 g

Sugar: 1.7 g

Dietary fibers: 0.5 g

Fat: 0.3 g

Protein: 0.7-0.8 g


Vitamin C: 50 mg

Vitamin A: 20 IU


Calcium: 40 mg

Iron: 0.7 mg

Phosphorus: 30 mg

Potassium: 490 mg

Benefits of sweet lime/Mozambi:

  1. Helps in proper liver functioning
  2. Protects you against cold and cough
  3. Improves immunity
  4. Strengthens and treats hair loss
  5. Lightens skin tone and improves complexion
  6. Prevents digestive problems
  7. Protects against skin diseases like Scurvy
  8. Removes body toxins


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