Dearly beloved parent,Welcome to parenthood. The journey from conception to delivery is so lovely with the little miracle inside. When the little wonder steps outside our world turns around and becomes 100% (even greater that that) baby-oriented. Especially when you have to introduce solids , we tend to become more curious and more doubtful (Be it first time or n th time).

The baby food recipes in my blog(All recipes here) are just small steps to help mothers and many mothers wrote me asking for a diet plan/diet chart/meal plan for their babies. I have made a small attempt to put in all my knowledge and experience at its best levels and given a sample meal plan. Hope this helps. I am definitely not an expert(I am a mother who is continuously learning) and the entire content related to baby food is just a humble suggestion. These pages will be regularly updated. You can bookmark the page if you wish or follow my facebook page at

sample diet chart Food Options and recipes can be found here.  (6 months to 2 years)

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Immunization schedule

Points to remember:

  • Breastfeeding / Formula feed should be the main source of nutrition till 1 year.
  • Always breastfeed before 1 hour of offering any solids so that solids will only complement breastmilk till 1 year.
  • You can keep adding 1 meal or 1 snack every 30 days but the solid introduction should not replace breastfeeding.
  • No sugar, salt, cow’s milk, honey, ready-to-eat/packed/processed foods till 1 year in any form (Even a pinch is not advisable).
  • Milk products like home made ghee, butter, paneer, cheese, curd can be added gradually and moderately to baby food.
  • Spices like ginger, garlic, shallots, sambhar powder, rasam powder , garam masala ,chilly, clove, nut meg, cumin seeds, ajwain, hing, cinnamon, coriander seeds, mint, till(sesame),basil(any family/culture based spices) can be slowly introduced(in moderation) in baby’s food. Avoid store bought masala powders as they might have preservatives and salt.
  • Better to avoid any sweetners .
  • Always supervise when baby tries feed by self.
  • Beware of choking when you offer finger foods.
  • Use sterlised bowls, spoons, vessels for baby foods.
  • Have a word with your child’s doctor before introducing each food.
  • Never combine iron and calcium sources.
  • Always consider individual baby health and family history of allergy as priority.
  • Mother’s intuition and baby’s cue are the best reliable sources to decide on what to give, when to give. Follow them strongly with no second thoughts.
  • Feed only on demand. Quantity depends on individual baby. Do not force baby.
  • Encourage babies to feed by themselves. Though they are messy , they will learn to eat by themselves soon.
  • Always aim to offer wholesome and balanced meals.

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