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Avocado-This fruit is now very commonly found everywhere though it is mainly cultivated in the U.S.A. When I was hunting on the health benefits of this fruit,few commented that avocado is absolutely nutritious but since most of them are being imported from foreign countries they might have been loaded with preservatives. Hence I have always given a second thought to include this fruit in my baby meal and in my blog. There can a solution to this,when I visited Kodai recently. I came to know that butter fruit is also like avocado and it is cultivated in our own lands and also there are few Indian land areas which cultivate Avocado. I was happy hearing this. The shop keepers said that butter fruit and avocado are same and I too found the same from few resources. When I first tasted it,I literally cursed it for the bland taste. Any baby will not accept such a food. I am always against adding sweetner to fruits,but this fruit definitely  needs some additional ingredient. I am writing in detail about how to choose avacado,how to know the right stage of ripened avocado,health benefits and avocado for babies. Hope you find it beneficial. I have used butter fruit in the below recipe. Do let me know if butter fruit and avocado are not the same fruit.


Avacado/Butter fruit- 1

Palm Sugar-As per taste



avocado puree


1.Wash avacado or butter fruit well.

2.Cut into two halves.

3.You can remove the round seed and scoop the pulp.

how to make butter fruit or avocado puree

4.Add to a blender along with palm sugar/banana and give a quick run.

5.Serve immediately.

butter fruit puree


I used a spoon to scoop the pulp out.

If your baby is above 7 months, just mash the pulp with your fingers and offer. I shall soon post recipe of butter fruit smoothie for elder babies.

Always have a word with your doctor before introducing any new food.

Do consider your family history of allergies.

Always sterlise bowls and spoons you use for baby.

Use only ripe avocado/butter fruit. Do taste before feeding baby.

Introduce banana in prior if you are using banana in this recipe.


Avocado/Butter fruit is an excellent first food for babies because of two reasons according to me. There are extremely soft and mushy and loaded with rich nutrients. it has good fat which helps in baby’s brain development and physical development. This fat is monosaturated and it is highly essential fat(rich in Omega 3 fatty acids) which helps in lowering LDL. Please disregard if someone says avocado has fat,so please avoid for babies. These are essential; good fats  and they are a must. You need not cook avocado.Avocado can be given after 6 months in the form of purees. From seventh months offer them mashed and from eighth month offer them as pieces. Avocado is associated with latex allergy.Hence do consider family history of allergies.


The domestic avocado or butter fruit is seasonal and it is available between June to September,whereas imported varieties are available round the clock.  The butter fruit is slight creamy yellow in colour and avocado is green or brown in colour. You have choose a fruit which yields to a slight thump. It should be neither  too soft  nor too hard. Choose avocadoes with unblemished skin and that are not so shiny.The colour varies depending on the origin. I happened to come across this below image which would help in the right stage of avocado. Hope this helps.Image source-elenaselivan.com

How to choose avocadoHEALTH BENEFITS:

Avocado is a rich source of Vitamin C,A,E,K,B-6,niacin,thiamin and and minerals like iron,potassium,magnesium,calcium. This aids in over all development of baby.

As stated earlier they have plenty of unsaturated fats which help in brain growth and vision development.

it is easy to digest and helps in curing digestive tract infections.

It helps in healing wounds faster,controls inflammation and enhances skin health.

It is also rich folate and helps as an anti depressant.

Avocados have more potassium when compared to bananas and contain 4 times higher fiber than apple.

Butter fruits have a rich concentration of protein and essential amino acids than any other tropical fruit.




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