beet root puree

Beet root is an excellent source of IRON and I love it for its colour. It creates magic to baby food I feel. My son loves the colour and adding beet to any dish makes him a smiling face. My recent attempt was home made beet root jam and I am flying high with its result.Here is beet root puree recipe for babies in seventh month.

beet root puree


Beet root-1

beetroot puree


1.Clean beet root and peel the skin.

2.Scrap/grate it well.

3.Pressure cook for 3 whistles.

4.Once pressure is released ,mash or use a blender.

5.Serve it in a clean bowl and spoon.

beet root puree


Always consult your pediatrician before trying any new food.

Prefer this for afternoon time.

You can also just mash these together and offer your baby if you don’t prefer blending baby food(I hardly use blender for my baby).

Consider family history of allergy.

Use sterilzed bowls for baby.

I recommend you to go for puree with steamed veggies for 6 months old,move to mashed (steamed veggies) for 7 months to 9 months ,move to just mixing grated and steamed ingredients for 10 months and above one year just give it raw. This is just a suggestion.


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