Watermelon is one the best and must have foods in this hot summer.This recipe is for babies above 6 months .


Watermelon-1 cup(Chopped)


1. Wash watermelon and scoop out the fleshy part.

2.De seed carefully and chop into small pieces.

water melon puree

3.Add this to a blender and grind it smooth.

4.Offer to baby with a spoon.

water melon puree


Always consult your pediatrician before trying any new food.

Prefer this for afternoon time.

You can also just mash these together and offer your baby if you don’t prefer blending baby food(I hardly use the blender for my baby).

Consider the family history of allergy.

Use sterilized bowls for baby.

I recommend you to go for the puree with steamed veggies for 6 months old, move to mashed (steamed veggies) for 7 months to 9 months, move to just mix grated and steamed ingredients for 10 months and above one year just give it raw. This is just a suggestion.

WATERMELON FOR BABIES: You can offer water melon to your babies after 6 months.  Few suggest to introduce melons around 8 months. Please don’t prefer juices for babies less than one year. To know why,please read here. Melons don’t contribute to allergies usually. How ever have a word with your pediatrician.

Many prefer juice for babies as this is a watery fruit. But preferring some pieces as finger foods or mashed pieces is highly recommended. I prefer watermelons for babies because it is easy to pick and soft to eat. Remove the seeds carefully and then chop. Seeds might lead to choking in babies. This fruit will be a soothing option when babies are teething.


    A melon which gives a good thump and hollow sound should be chosen.Always prefer fresh un-cut fruit.Inspect for bruises or cuts in the fruit.A fully grown melon will be heavier when compared to its size.


    The melon is 93% watery in content. It helps in hydration of your body.It is rich in Vitamin C and hence helps you in iron absorption, maintaining blood counts and boosting immunity.It is a source of Vitamin A which helps in your eye and skin health.Watermelon has calcium and manganese which helps in bone development and proper functioning of the nervous system.Water melon is known for the anti oxidant named lycophene which helps in preventing cancer,asthma and heart diseases.

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