Dry Yellow Peas Fritters|Pattani Paruppu Vadai|Masala Vadai

Paruppu Vadai Recipe:

Happy New year and belated Pongal wishes folks 🙂 I am back a long vacation. I hope all of you are keeping good health out there.We all love quick bites like vadai /bajji/fritters when they home made. I would like to highlight a point here .Fried Foods are always not unsafe,especially deep fried foods.Deep fried foods when not taken regularly and not cooked in used oil/refined oils is definitely safe when taken in moderation.Trust me ,even ghee fried foods are safe.It is best to use seed oils for regular use if possible cold pressed.Our family have always been using coconut oil and sesame oil only. Masala Vadai/Paruppu Vadai is one of my favourite snacks,that too on a chill evening with cool breeze.You can definitely gobble 2 to 3 with no guilt.

Paruppu Vadai Recipe:


  • Dry Yellow Peas/Pattani Paruppu(Yellow)-1 cup
  • Gram Dhal-1/4 cup
  • Ginger -A small piece
  • Onion-1 chopped
  • Fennel Seeds-1 tsp
  • Salt-To taste
  • Hing-1 tsp
  • Garlic-3 pods
  • Red Chilly-1
  • Oil-To deep fry

paruppu vadai


1.Wash and Soak yellow peas(dried) overnight or for 8 hours.

2.Wash and Soak gram dhal for half an hour.

pattani paruppu vadai

3.Add all garlic,red chilly,hing,fennel seeds and give a quick pulse.

4.Drain the water from soaked pulses and add them to the mixer.

pattani paruppu vadai

5.Give two to three quick pulses with few drops of water and grind into a semi coarse batter.

6.Add salt and chopped onion and mix well.

pattani paruppu vadai

7.In the mean time heat oil in a pan.

8.Roll the batter into small balls,flatten with your fingers and deep fry in oil.

pattani paruppu vadai

9.Drain excess oil and serve them hot 🙂

pattani paruppu vadai

My Observations:

The batter has to be coarse and oil should be in medium flame to retain crispy nature.

Do not add water until you find difficult to grind it.Just sprinkle few drops.

Skip salt and chilly for babies below one year.

Don’t over heat oil.

Please have a word with your doctor before introducing any new food.

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