Strawberry Jam Recipe for toddlers and kids-No white sugar No preservatives

strawberry jam recipe

Strawberry Jam Recipe: This strawberry jam was made 4 months ago and I have few spoons remaining and today I am posting the recipe of the strawberry jam without pectin or any preservatives for your toddlers and kids. Are you trying out CTM as suggested? How is it working? There are a lot of sugarless… Continue reading →

Homemade Jam Recipes For Toddlers & Kids-No Sugar Recipes

Homemade Jam Recipes For Toddlers & Kids-No Sugar Recipes: There is no kid who isn’t fond of jams and there is no parent who is scared about preservatives. I am definitely one among the parents and also the kids.Yes.A huge fan of Jam is here. My little one was not introduced to any jams until… Continue reading →

Palm Sugar Syrup Gulab Jamun-No white Sugar Gulab Jamun

Healthy gulab jamun

Palm Sugar Syrup Gulab Jamun: Gulab Jamun is one sure shot sweet which everybody will have in the list of Diwali sweets. I am no exception. And I have been always thinking of trying jamuns with healthy ingredients instead of ready-mix and replacing the white sugar syrup. It has been more than a year since I… Continue reading →

Home Made Pineapple Jam For Toddlers-No White Sugar/No Preservatives

Home Made Pineapple Jam For Toddlers: Homemade Pineapple Jam has been in my to-do list since a very long time. One of my besties had asked me to try it without preservatives and white sugar and share.The recipe doesn’t have white sugar or any artificial colour/additives or preservatives.I have already posted homemade jam recipes without… Continue reading →

Mixed Fruits Jam-Homemade with Vegetables & Dry Fruits for Babies , Toddlers & Kids-No Sugar & Preservatives

homemade mixed fruits jam

Mixed Fruits Jam-Here is the recipe for homemade mixed fruits and vegetable jam with no added sugar and preservatives.This recipe is a blend of vegetables, fruits, dry fruits and no sweeteners specially curated for babies, toddlers and kids.It is pectin free mixed fruits jam made at home and loaded with a lot of nutrients.I am… Continue reading →


There is something extra special to me apart from today being V’day…Any guess?? It is my blog first anniversary. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for a great support,trust and love from each of you.The journey has been extremely commendable and the credit goes to my dear readers and beloved well wishers. 🙂 A… Continue reading →

Pudina Podi Recipe|Mint Podi-How to make Pudina Podi at home?

pudina podi recipe

Pudina Podi Recipe: Hello Folks! How are you doing? I am not sure if I had communicated already about our transfer. We are moving out of Delhi finally. My days were too jam packed with those and couldn’t post recipes regularly. Today’s recipe is mint podi or pudina podi which was tried by my beloved… Continue reading →