Palm Sugar Syrup Gulab Jamun-No white Sugar Gulab Jamun

Healthy gulab jamun

Palm Sugar Syrup Gulab Jamun: Gulab Jamun is one sure shot sweet which everybody will have in the list of Diwali sweets. I am no exception. And I have been always thinking of trying jamuns with healthy ingredients instead of ready-mix and replacing the white sugar syrup. It has been more than a year since I… Continue reading →

Home Made Pineapple Jam For Toddlers-No White Sugar/No Preservatives

Home Made Pineapple Jam For Toddlers: Homemade Pineapple Jam has been in my to-do list since a very long time. One of my besties had asked me to try it without preservatives and white sugar and share.The recipe doesn’t have white sugar or any artificial colour/additives or preservatives.I have already posted homemade jam recipes without… Continue reading →

Mixed Fruits Jam-Homemade with Vegetables & Dry Fruits for Babies , Toddlers & Kids-No Sugar & Preservatives

homemade mixed fruits jam

Mixed Fruits Jam-Here is the recipe for homemade mixed fruits and vegetable jam with no added sugar and preservatives.This recipe is a blend of vegetables, fruits, dry fruits and no sweeteners specially curated for babies, toddlers and kids.It is pectin free mixed fruits jam made at home and loaded with a lot of nutrients.I am… Continue reading →

Jangiri Recipe-Mini Mini Beetroot Jangiri with Palm Sugar Syrup

JangiriRecipe-Beetroot Jangiriwith Palm Sugar Syrup

Jangiri Recipe-Beetroot Jangiri with Palm Sugar Syrup: Diwali Fever is on and I am so obsessed with trying new recipes with a healthy twist. Jangiri is a healthy sweet recipe which originated in India and is most often confused with Jalebi. Jangiri is made with ground urad dhal and jalebi is made with maida. Jalebi… Continue reading →