Ragi Kali Recipe-Keppai Kali|Finger Millet Kali/Mudde

Ragi Kali Recipe:

Hello readers, How are you doing? There was a short gap in my blogging owing to few health reasons and certain technical issues in running the site.I have been trying to get back to normalcy but somehow it just got postponed.It is scorching hot everywhere and Delhi touched 114 F last week. My best half was craving for the traditional Ragi Kali which is the most common food in South India and this Ragi Kali Recipe is a natural coolant. I haven’t so far tried this version of Ragi Kali. I took help of my in-laws over video call and made this. We have tasted koozh made of pearl millet and I love them so crazy. This Ragi Kali and Koozh have become my most favourite dishes now.I am even able to take it all three times a day. Trust me it is drool-worthy. Continue reading “Ragi Kali Recipe-Keppai Kali|Finger Millet Kali/Mudde”

Hibiscus Syrup Recipe|Hibiscus Sharbat|Chembaruthi Sherbert

Hibiscus Syrup Recipe:

Hello Friends 🙂 How are you tackling summer?This is the question I wanted to ask before even asking how you are.We just came down to TamilNadu from Delhi and it is terribly hot.Litres & Litres of water wouldn’t be enough to keep us hydrated.I kindly request all of you to stay indoors as much as possible and keep yourself well hydrated with water and cool foods.With this scorching heat, here I come with a supernatural and healthy summer drink recipe.The Hibiscus Syrup Recipe was suggested to my mother by one of our relatives and she had suggested me to have this on my blog.My mother tried a trial of it with white sugar with my relative’s recipe and as it turned out super delicious, I wanted to give it a try with palm sugar before posting it to my viewers.I couldn’t get enough of the pictures.I kept clicking and clicking.The recipe took me 15 minutes totally but I took more than 4 hours to click.It was super awesome to view the pictures and I couldn’t resist.And today being World Heritage Day, I am so happy to present this dish 🙂

hibiscus syrup recipe Continue reading “Hibiscus Syrup Recipe|Hibiscus Sharbat|Chembaruthi Sherbert”


A very quick and easy dessert/snack/sweet/baby meal/festive recipe which is extremely nutritious and 100% tempting you to have more and more is CARROT KHEER/CARROT PAYASAM. I just attempted this recipe for my guests today and I thought if sharing it for Ganesh Chaturthi special. Yet another recipe where I have replaced the whites(milk & white sugar) making it baby friendly and health friendly for the entire family just like my recent ragi milk carrot halwa and daliya kheer  .

I am providing the recipe with and without white sugar & milk here below.For babies below one year I would suggest you to please choose the recipe without sugar and milk and also avoid saffron & dryfruits. Visit my collection of healthy home made baby foods with few insights on weaning,sample diet chart(6 months to 12 months) here.


Serves 5

  • Carrot – 5
  • Powdered sugar/Palm sugar-4 or 6 tbsp
  • Coconut milk(Thin)/Thick Milk-1.5 cups
  • Saffron-10 strands
  • Dry fruits-Handful
  • Ghee-4 tbsp

carrot kheer or carrot payasam


1.Wash and peel skin of carrots.

2.Steam cook them after roughly chopping or pressure cook without water.

3.After cooling,add the cooked carrots and powdered sugar/palm sugar to a blender.

carrot kheer or carrot payasam

4.Make a fine puree of carrot and set it aside.

5.Add saffron to 2 tbsp of lukewarm milk or water.

6.Add 2 tbsp of ghee in a thick bottom pan and roast the dry fruits.

carrot kheer or carrot payasam

7.Set them aside.

8.Add the remaining ghee and saute the carrot puree in it.

9.When it just begins to boil add the saffron and dry fruits and mix well.

carrot kheer or carrot payasam

10.Switch off and cool it well.

11.Add milk/coconut milk and serve chilled.

carrot kheer or carrot payasam


You can also add milk when the kheer is on stove top. But be sure to stir well continuously and switch off the gas in two minutes.

If you prefer coconut milk,do not add when it is hot . It might curdle.

The consistency is purely your choice. Add milk accordingly. But don’t make it too thick or too runny.

I saved few dry fruits to garnish.

You can also deep freeze to make ice cream/popsicle. I accidentally did it and it was too yummy.

Adjust sugar according to your taste.

You can skip sugar/palm sugar if carrots are sweet in taste and also for babies below 1 year.

For babies below 1 year avoid dry fruits and saffron.

Coconut milk can be given for babies. If you doubt its usage you can skip or reduce quantity or use diluted version. Have a word with your doctor and consider your family history of allergy.

If you using palm sugar,be sure to have powdered and sieved well before use.

Always have a word with your pediatrician before introducing a new food to your baby.

If you use cow’s milk,use after boiling it well.

Prefer a thickened version for babies below one year.

I had used milk for soaking saffron and coconut milk to mix with the kheer in the above images.

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ABC Juice|Apple Beet Carrot Juice|The miracle drink

I believe my recipes of ABC puree for babies and ABC smoothie for infants were useful to you. Here I am with ABC juice(Apple,Beet root,Carrot). This is called miracle drink / liver tonic / anti-aging drink. I would dedicate this to the lovely mommies. Having this juice twice week rejuvenates your body. ABC juice is a miracle drink/wonder juice and it is said to have been invented by the Chinese and they found it cured lung cancer in 3 months when consumed daily.It is recommended for cancer cure,heart diseases and perfect complexion. It supplements brain functioning and lung functioning. The combination of apple ,beet and carrot gives a long term health . The power of two vegetables and one fruit is like a super power. It gives you Vitamin A, B1, B2, B6,B3 C, E ,K, Folate, Niacin, Zinc, Copper, Magnesium, Potassium, Phosphorus, Iron, Calcium, Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, Selenium, beta-carotene and Manganese.Let us first have a look at the recipe and then take a detailed glance on its benefits.

apple beet root carrot juice


  • Apple-1
  • Beet root-1/2(medium sized)
  • Carrot-1(medium sized)


1.Wash all the ingredients well.

2.Peel the skin of beet and carrot.

3.Grate them and add to a blender.

ABC Juice

4.When you are about to add everything to blender peel apple and grate.

5.Just blend them together with some water.

6. Filter it and transfer to a serving glass

Apple Beet root Carrot Juice


You can also steam cook carrot and beet root.

You can add chilled water while blending.

Do not add too much water.

You can skip filtering too and have it in a thick consistency.

You can also add a piece of ginger/a drop of lemon juice.

If you wish a sweetened version add honey.I generally prefer juices plain.

The Miracle Drink/The wonder juice:

  • This drink is hope for cancer patients. It is known for slowing down cancer cells growth.
  • The drink helps in proper functioning of the liver,heart,kidney and pancreas.
  • It helps in reduction of cholesterol and there by shields the heart. This is aided by components like alpha and beta carotene which is present in the drink.
  • It provides all nutrients essential for your brain development,boosting your memory and proper functioning of brain.
  • Women who suffer from menstrual cramps must have this juice to witness a remarkable difference.
  • It prevents your from spots of skin,pimples and helps in anti aging. It definitely results in glowing of skin.
  • This drink helps in boosting the immunity system and there by keeps you away from allergies.
  • This fights anemia and improves your hemoglobin.
  • It is a natural detox drink and hence it makes you glow just like a pink rose.(You become what you eat/drink).
  • This can be your regular drink if you are trying to hit the gym to shed some pounds. (With the right nutritionist’s advice)
  • It aids in digestion and relieves you of all digestive tract issues.
  • It works great for your eyes and totally cures dryness of eyes,irritation,itching. For people who indulge in works with their eyes glued to screens this drink is a must have atleast once in a week.



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Instant dry fruit milk/Almond Pista Milk

Instant badam mix in market has hit a huge space and I am eagerly waiting to make one version at home of it. Being a first time mother and also interacting with many mothers made me to give a try on dry fruits powder and dry fruits milk.Many friends who had tried different versions were so worried on it being moist and unfit for storage. Hence this idea just sparked my mind and I decided go with it . If it can be made instantly you need not make in large quantities and store. I shall soon post the recipe of dry fruits powder that can be stored.This almond and badam milk can be your morning drink and also be a filling drink for your little ones above 1 year.


  • Boiled Milk-1 cup
  • Almond-2
  • Pista-2
  • Palm sugar-As per taste
  • Turmeric powder-A pinch(Optional)


1.Soak badam in half cup of hot milk for 20 minutes

2.Shred the skin of pistas and soak in milk.(Use unsalted variety)

3.Peel the skin of almonds.

Almond Pista Milk

4.Add badam and pista and blend in a mixer.

5.Add 2 tbsp of milk and give a single run.

6.Add palm sugar,turmeric powder to remaining milk and stir well.

7.Serve it luke warm.


You can also add a strand of saffron soaked in luke warm milk after step 6.

Since I made it for my LO i have added 2 pista and 2 badam. You can increase up to 4 each.

You can add honey/sugar instead of palm sugar.

The badam and pista would get into fine paste since they get soaked in hot milk.

You can filter and have the drink if you wish.

This is ideal for babies above 1 year.

Ensure that your baby has been introduced to each ingredient before hand individually and had no allergies.

If you find peeling skin of almonds difficult you can soak them over night too.

Introducing Nuts to babies:

                 Introducing any dry fruit/whole nuts is generally recommended after one year by most pediatricians. It is because nuts are one among  the most common allergens for babies. Few studies say that delaying introduction of nuts might not help in escaping from the allergy and few studies also say the earlier the introduction of foods,the lesser the allergen reaction. Always have a personal discussion with your pediatrician on when to introduce nuts in your baby food because it is most important to discuss with doctor on possible allergens before introducing any new food.Also consider family history of allergies.You can always introduce all foods except milk,sugar,honey and salt before one year as per latest studies of WHO.There are also researches which conclude that “The earlier the introduction,the lesser are the chances for allergies” . Almonds,pistas,pea nuts,wal nuts,hazel nuts,cashew nuts are the most allergy causing nuts.

Having almonds included in baby food improves brain growth , reduce cholesterol  by improving Vitamin E , improves bone strength , reduces risk of cancer and heart diseases,strengthens immunity, prevents against diabetes and blood pressure,maintaining skin and hair,helps in maintaining optimal weight.

Pistas help you to maintain weight optimally,prevents dryness of skin,helps in absorption of iron, control diabetes and aids digestion.



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Mozambi/Sweet lime /Saathukudi Juice

Juices are always not my choice with fruits. I prefer the whole fruit than any juices. Sweet lime belongs to the citrus fruit family and many avoid it thinking it causes cold. Actually consumption of Vitamin C rich foods prevents you from cold. An amla a day,a mozambi twice in a week keeps you protected from cold. Eating sweet lime along with the skin after de-seeding is an excellent option and best remedy for improving skin tone and digestion.

Come let’s get to the recipe.


  • Sweet lime/Mozambi-2
  • Palm Sugar-As per taste

Sweet Lime Juice


1.Cut mozambi into two halves.

2.I used the juicer from Philips.

Mozambi Juice

3.Just place and press each half cut piece. The juice gets extracted in the collection jar below

4.In the mean time,dissolve palm sugar in a cup of water and filter it.

Swet lime Juice

5.Add juice and water and mix well.

6.Transfer it to a glass and serve.

To prepare juice without juicer,de seed the fruit and squeeze the juice in a bowl. Add the juice to water mixed with sweetner and filter well to serve.

Mozambi Juice


Adding chilled water is your choice.

You can skip adding palm sugar if the fruit is sweet enough.

I don’t remove the pulpy part as it has plenty of fibers. It is as per your choice.

Always dissolve sweetner in plain water and then add juice

How to choose a sweet lime?

Prefer buying a fruit that is soft to press and has more yellow than green and has a thin soft skin. Avoid buying wrinkled,bruised ,spotted and too soft oranges. Prefer to buy in that season. You need not refrigerate

Facts about juices for babies:

When it comes to juices for babies,I recommend it for a very rare usage. Though many say juices can be offered as early as 6 th month , it is always advisable to reduce more of liquid based items like juices,soups,dal paani as first foods. Certain sources mention that early usage of liquids in babies tend to replace breastfeeding. American Academy of Pediatrics recommends juices only after 12 months.

If you prefer juices for 6 to 12 months baby,let it be very very occasional. For sweet lime juice, squeeze the juice from a fruit(This will yield 30-40 ml juice) and add 20 ml water. Do not add sugar/salt. The water to be added to any juice for babies is exactly 1/10 th of the juice.You should at least make a 50/50 mix.

Never  prefer juices for a baby less than 6 months of age and never prefer juices for a regular meal for babies of 6 to 12 months age unless prescribed by your pediatrician. It is not recommended as per WHO.

Always prefer using a spoon/cup/glass for feeding juices to babies

When you first feed any juice try in the noon.

Keep increasing the juice content in water as time goes on.

Fruit juices are good when its fresh and when it comes to babies too much fruit juices is not good because it might lead to

  • Poor weight gain

  • Replacement of breastmilk

  • Loose stools

  • Early caries in tooth

  • Malnutrition

  • Loss of appetite

  • Poor growth

  • Diarrhea

How much is too much with respect to juice for kids?

117 ml of juice a day is more than enough for 1 to 6 years and max of 350 ml juice is enough upto 12 years. Actually there is no consensus on what is too much when it comes to juices.

The debate on juice for babies goes on and there is no conclusion on it in a consensus manner. But the final line is simple. Make sure your baby gets essential nutrients from breastfeeding till 1 year and other wholesome foods and use juices occasionally. Anything in moderation creates no harm.

For more insights on baby food and all home made baby food recipes please refer www.kitchenkathukutty.com/baby-food

Nutritional Benefits of Mosambi/Sweet Lime per 100 gSource: (USDA Nutrient Database)

Energy: 43 kcal

Carbohydrate: 9.3 g

Water: 88 g

Sugar: 1.7 g

Dietary fibers: 0.5 g

Fat: 0.3 g

Protein: 0.7-0.8 g


Vitamin C: 50 mg

Vitamin A: 20 IU


Calcium: 40 mg

Iron: 0.7 mg

Phosphorus: 30 mg

Potassium: 490 mg

Benefits of sweet lime/Mozambi:

  1. Helps in proper liver functioning
  2. Protects you against cold and cough
  3. Improves immunity
  4. Strengthens and treats hair loss
  5. Lightens skin tone and improves complexion
  6. Prevents digestive problems
  7. Protects against skin diseases like Scurvy
  8. Removes body toxins


Kellymom website

AAP website

WHO papers on solids


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ABC Smoothie|Almond Banana Chikku Smoothie|Badam Banana Sapodilla Smoothie

Smoothie vs Milkshake – This has always been a debating topic in my brain. I finally found a simple line to explain its difference.

Smoothies have the fruit as the basic ingredient whereas milkshakes have milk or ice cream as the basic ingredient. I prefer smoothies and milkshakes only when I visit restaurants. Because I believe in actually consuming a fruit as such is always better than smoothie/juice/shakes. When it comes to preparation of shakes I rarely do it for my husband for evening snack when his schedule is undetermined. I just made a random attempt of making a smoothie for my son and he loved it. I just picked the ingredients at random and blended. From now on I will keep trying more smoothies.I just love that taste. It is a good option for kids who don’t eat fruits as such. Healthy drink for mothers who keep missing meals at right times.

I love the coinage “ABC smoothie”.. and it just happened 🙂


  • Chikku/Sapota-2
  • Banana-1(small)
  • Almonds-3
  • Milk-2 tbsp
  • Palm sugar-1 tbsp



1.Soak almonds in luke warm milk.

2.Open the chikku into two halves,check for the goodness of the fruit and de seed

3.Use a spoon to scoop the flesh.


4.Now chop the banana.

5.The almonds would have turned soft. You can peel the skin or add such.

6.Blend almond,banana,chikku into a fine paste.


7.Add palm sugar and milk and give a quick run.

8.Transfer to a serving glass.

9.Sip it and dive into divine taste 🙂



You can replace palm sugar with sugar/honey

You can skip milk and add water for babies less than 1 year.

If you prepare for the entire family you can add ice cubes and serve.

You can also use frozen banana and sapota to have a chilled version.

For babies less than one year remove the black seedy part of banana before blending.

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