Joan’s Rainbow Cake Recipe-With Whole Wheat Flour

Joan’s Rainbow Cake Recipe:

Happy Valentine’s day folks! With no next word let’s proceed to today’s recipe. It is a super Valentine special cake from Kalaimathi Rajesh of Mathi’s Kitchen. And you know what has she baked for us? It is Joan’s rainbow cake(Scroll down to know more about Joan’s cake) without eggs, refined sugar & refined flour. How sweet !! If you are a beginner in healthy baking please read this guide.

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Foxtail Millet Cookies Recipe|Thinai Biscuits-Without Oven

Foxtail Millet Cookies Recipe|Thinai Biscuits:

Todays’ post is a guest post from Mrs.Ramya who is a vlogger at Taste Of South India. Wondering why a guest post now?  It’s fourth blog anniversary of Kitchen Kathukutty and I had extended invites for guest recipes. Continue reading “Foxtail Millet Cookies Recipe|Thinai Biscuits-Without Oven”


2 Minute Whole Wheat Choco chip Mug Cake


2 Minute Whole Wheat Choco chip Mug Cake:

Mug Cakes are something which I have been longing to make and relish. I have been hesitant to try because I hadn’t seen a mug which reads “oven safe”, everything read “Microwave Safe”. But I have an OTG. Being scared of an accident I kept the idea aside. Recently I had a chance to use my uncle’s microwave. The moment we got it, we tried 4 mug cakes. Out of which only one was left for photography. Yeah, they got over in seconds. The quantity shown in pictures is many servings. I have mentioned the exact quantity under ingredients. Please read through this post before attempting. Kindly read your manual and my notes below thoroughly and proceed with baking. Continue reading “2 Minute Whole Wheat Choco chip Mug Cake”

Eggless Ragi Brownie

Eggless Ragi Brownie Recipe For Toddlers & Kids-Without White Sugar

Eggless Ragi Brownie Recipe:

How did you like the whole wheat brownie? Did you try it? It was a huge hit in the family and in my FB group. The next most wanted recipe was ragi brownie and here you go. My sister gave a try on new year eve with this and to our surprise, it came well. The sweetness was less but I have modified the ingredients for you and written the recipe Continue reading “Eggless Ragi Brownie Recipe For Toddlers & Kids-Without White Sugar”

eggless whole wheat brownies

Eggless Whole Wheat Chocolate Brownie Recipe For Toddlers & Kids

Eggless Whole Wheat Chocolate Brownie Recipe:

Making a brownie has always been in my to-do list but I have never tried it so far. For the past week, with the microwave oven, I and sister have been doing some trial and error with it. We tried some cakes, cupcakes, mug cakes and brownies. As I shared these in my FB group, they asked me to share whole wheat chocolate brownies as the first one. Other recipes will flow soon. Before attempting your baking please read through the tips provided here

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eggless apple sauce cake for toddlers and kids

Eggless Apple Sauce Cake for toddlers and kids-A moist apple cake with whole wheat and jaggery

 Eggless Apple Sauce Cake for toddlers and kids:

Hello Friends,

Did you find my previous post on baking basics useful? Here is my first attempt with a microwave oven with baking.  I am mom’s place and we don’t an oven here. So we took our uncles and experimented few. The outcome of this particular cake was surprising after 4 different attempts. It is totally unbelievable for me because it was a new experiment with new ingredients and equipment. I kindly request you to read through the entire post(along with P.S section and your equipment manual) and then proceed with the baking. The recipe doesn’t contain any unhealthy refined/processed ingredients. Not just the this recipe but 99% blog content and group content(Join Group for regular updates)Are you interested to know the ingredients? Continue reading “Eggless Apple Sauce Cake for toddlers and kids-A moist apple cake with whole wheat and jaggery”

Healthy Baking Basics-A beginners short guide to eggless baking

Healthy Baking Basics-A beginners short guide to eggless baking

Healthy Baking Basics-A short guide to healthy baking:

Hello Folks! Hope you are doing great. It has been a long time since I wrote a post. My man is transferred to Baroda and we are yet to move and get settled. We hope for things to move peacefully by God’s grace. As this season tempts all of us to bake cakes/cookies, I have been receiving queries about healthy baking and beginner baking. I myself is a novice baker who is learning slowly about baking. I am definitely not an expert to put a complete guide but I thought I can share my learnings. Recently I started an exclusive women FB group to share my recipes on a daily basis and the group members gave me a nod for this idea. Click the link to join Continue reading “Healthy Baking Basics-A beginners short guide to eggless baking”


Pav Bhaji Pulao Casserole

Pav Bhaji Pulao Casserole
Here is one more recipe from the contest. Yeah. We have several entries and we will be seeing them as guest posts in my blog soon. Swathi is a fellow blogger who amazes me always with her innovative recipes which are healthy and unique. She has taught me a lot related to food styling and food photography. I have a bunch of friends(rather mentors) in an FB group . The entire post wouldn’t be enough if I start describing each one and their help to me in enhancing my photography skills. I found the below superwoman from that group. Now over to her.

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whole wheat jaggery cake

Whole Wheat Jaggery Cake Recipe For Toddlers and Kids-Eggless Version

Eggless Whole Wheat Jaggery Cake Recipe For Toddlers & Kids:

Whole Wheat Jaggery Cake Recipe is a basic cake which is made in a 100 % healthy way with whole wheat flour and jaggery replacing the usual unhealthy maida/all purpose flour & white sugar.The cake can be made in an OTG, microwave and also in a pressure cooker. Continue reading “Whole Wheat Jaggery Cake Recipe For Toddlers and Kids-Eggless Version”

Healthy bakes

Healthy Bakes for Toddlers & Kids-No Refined Flour & Sugar

Healthy Bakes For Toddlers & Kids:

Baking is always a bliss and a great happiness.It adds up even more when it is 100% healthy. All of my cooking don’t include white sugar, white refined flours, milk and any unhealthy ingredients always. 99% of my blog recipes also fall into the same category only. Check all of my recipes here.My son loves to bake and loves those goodies even more.I bake whenever he asks for some and resort to those as snack box option for that week.You can choose to make these during the weekend and use them for the next 3-4 days for the snack box.They are all healthy and you can be totally guilt-free about treating your kids with these.Below are the recipes for wholesome cakes/cookies/muffins:(Click on individual images for detailed recipes)


Always have a word with your doctor before introducing any new food to babies

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