hibiscus syrup recipe

Hibiscus Syrup Recipe|Hibiscus Sharbat|Chembaruthi Sherbert

Hibiscus Syrup Recipe:

Hello Friends 🙂 How are you tackling summer?This is the question I wanted to ask before even asking how you are.We just came down to TamilNadu from Delhi and it is terribly hot.Litres & Litres of water wouldn’t be enough to keep us hydrated.I kindly request all of you to stay indoors as much as possible and keep yourself well hydrated with water and cool foods.With this scorching heat, here I come with a supernatural and healthy summer drink recipe.The Hibiscus Syrup Recipe was suggested to my mother by one of our relatives and she had suggested me to have this on my blog.My mother tried a trial of it with white sugar with my relative’s recipe and as it turned out super delicious, I wanted to give it a try with palm sugar before posting it to my viewers.I couldn’t get enough of the pictures.I kept clicking and clicking.The recipe took me 15 minutes totally but I took more than 4 hours to click.It was super awesome to view the pictures and I couldn’t resist.And today being World Heritage Day, I am so happy to present this dish 🙂

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nungu juice

Nungu Juice|Ice Apple Juice

Nungu Juice|Ice Apple Juice:

Nungu Juice|Ice Apple Juice- Kathiri Veyil/Agni Nakshatram/Peak summer season has started from today and all of us have fallen victims to the rays of Sun. To beat the heat and prevent ourselves from the ill effects of summer, it is essential to include more seasonal foods/coolants in our diet.

One such excellent coolant is NUNGU. This is from the Palm tree and it widely present and easily available in southern parts of India. For those who would like to see the complete image of NUNGU please find them below. On cutting you get a lychee-like fruit. This can be consumed as such whereas few remove the white skin and eat the jelly like substance alone.This skin is very good for curing stomach disorders. Continue reading “Nungu Juice|Ice Apple Juice”

custard apple juice


I just love fruits. I prefer consuming fruits as such than going for juices,milkshakes,smoothies. Even when it comes to my little son I prefer him munching fresh fruits as such. But giving custard apple was little tedious and I was having my fingers crossed while separating the pulp and seeds. Hence I just gave a try to make juice out of it. I tried few times and had seeds blended. My husband suggested to try with the circular/whip blade and I finally succeeded. I made it little diluted as it was for my son. It tastes good when it is pulpy. Hence I would suggest you to use 2 custard apples for a glass of juice.(Images show preparation with 1 fruit).In my baby foods collection I wouldn’t have added fruit juices and purees as I always prefer fruits as such or mashed to juices/purees. This is going to be my first juice recipe in my blog 🙂 Choose ripe and fleshy fruits.


  • Custard apple-2
  • Palm sugar-as per your taste.
  • Water-1 cup

custard apple juice


1.Wash and split the custard apples.

2.Check for the goodness of the fruits and scoop out the fruit.

3.Add to the blender and add 1/2 cup of water.

custard apple juice

4.Give it a pulse.Take care not to crush the seeds.

5.Sieve it in a filter and wash with some excess water.

6.You can De-seed almost 90% with your fingers.

custard apple juice

7.If remaining pulp exists give a run and filter.

8.Add palm sugar and mix well.

9.Transfer to a serving glass.

custard apple juice


The colour depends on the variety of the fruit.

Adjust palm sugar as per your taste.

Be careful when you run the mixer.

Be sure of not crushing the seeds.

If you prefer this for your baby you can filter 2 more times after adding palm sugar.

The seeds shouldn’t be consumed. Hence please filter it with a fine filter.

Ensure to wash your hands well before juicing up.

Thanks to Raks kitchen for this tip. Using chilled water to blend helps deseeding better.

Custard apple is called seetha pazham in tamil and few facts about it as per my knowledge.

  1. It is rich in vitamin C,Vitamin A,Vitamin B6 and magnesium.
  2. It can aid you in gaining weight and improving immunity.
  3. It is sugary in nature and hence recommended much for type 1 diabetic patients.
  4. It has huge amount of anti-cancerous properties.
  5. It helps in curing ulcers and it enhances digestion.
  6. It assists in maintaining your heart’s health.
  7. It does a lot of favour to pregnant women by helping to cope mood swings,morning sickness and it is called wonder fruit for expectant mothers.
  8. The unripe fruit is dried and used in medicines to cure indigestion.
  9. Do not consume it in large quantities and never use the seeds.

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