Sweet Ragi Adai

The sweet version of ragi adai which posted earlier is as below. Ingredients: Ragi flour-1 cup Jaggery grated-1/2 cup Water-2 cups Salt-To taste Oil-To cook Procedure: Disslove jaggery by adding it to around 3/4 cup of boiling water. Strain it for impurities,add salt and while its warm,add it to the ragi flour and keep mixing.… Continue reading →

Janmasthami|Gokulastami|Krishna Jayanthi Recipes

Janmasthami|Krishna Jayanthi Recipes

Janmasthami|Gokulastami|Krishna Jayanthi Recipes: Krishna Jayanthi is one of the important festivals celebrated in India. It marks the birthday of Lord Krishna. The tradition we follow is to offer God with butter and a few savouries and sweets. The customs of each family differs. However offering butter, milk and milk products, appam, laddus, murukku, seedai seem… Continue reading →

Eggless Buckwheat Pancake Recipe For Babies,Toddlers and Kids

eggless buckwheat pancake recipe

Eggless Buckwheat Pancake Recipe For Babies, Toddlers and Kids: Here I come with eggless buckwheat pancake recipe after a long gap. Hope all of you are doing great . The #kk_21dayschallenge for haircare comes to an end today and I so happy with the participation and the feedback. Most of them have felt that their… Continue reading →

Healthy Indian Vegetarian Monthly Meal Plan With Recipes

Healthy Indian Vegetarian Monthly Meal Plan With Recipes Healthy Indian Vegetarian Monthly Meal Plan With Recipes for families-For the past 3 years,I have been posting my daily meal menus on my facebook page and now there are around 105+ complete menus. My readers have been asking for a chart kind menu planning for a long… Continue reading →

Multigrain Pizza Recipe-How to make multigrain pizza at home from scratch

multigrain pizza recipe

MULTIGRAIN PIZZA RECIPE: March is slowly marching out and summer has started to roast us heavily. My best half keeps trying pizza & bread recipes and I still drool when I think of his preparations. I have been waiting to post a healthy variant of pizza and here you go. Only thing is it is… Continue reading →

Easy Summer Dinner Recipes For Babies,Toddlers & Kids-Quick & Best Dinner Ideas for Summer

easy summer dinner recipes

Easy Summer Dinner Recipes: The sun is roasting us left, right and centre even before the beginning of April Month. The southern parts of India are suffering from severe heat waves and managing it day to day is becoming a struggle. To keep us healthy this summer, the key point is to eat right and… Continue reading →

Chola Paniyaram Recipe|Sorghum Black Urad Dhal Paniyaram-Kara/Spicy Paniyaram

Chola Paniyaram Recipe

Chola Paniyaram Recipe|Sorghum Black Urad Dhal Paniyaram: Paniyaram is a steamed food which is very common in Chettinad Cuisine. They can be made using dosa batter or you can follow a special recipe for it. My son loves paniyaram and that is why you will find varieties of recipes on my blog. Today’s recipe is… Continue reading →

Joan’s Rainbow Cake Recipe-With Whole Wheat Flour

Joan’s Rainbow Cake Recipe: Happy Valentine’s day folks! With no next word let’s proceed to today’s recipe. It is a super Valentine special cake from Kalaimathi Rajesh of Mathi’s Kitchen. And you know what has she baked for us? It is Joan’s rainbow cake(Scroll down to know more about Joan’s cake) without eggs, refined sugar… Continue reading →

Eggless Apple Sauce Cake for toddlers and kids-A moist apple cake with whole wheat and jaggery

eggless apple sauce cake for toddlers and kids

 Eggless Apple Sauce Cake for toddlers and kids: Hello Friends, Did you find my previous post on baking basics useful? Here is my first attempt with a microwave oven with baking.  I am mom’s place and we don’t an oven here. So we took our uncles and experimented few. The outcome of this particular cake… Continue reading →