Pillars of support

Yesterday when one of my well wishers appreciated me on my efforts to set up this blog,she reminded me of the fact that it has been almost a month since I began this blog. I really felt its high time I write a page on “How it all began with few notes of gratitude”. The prime reason behind this blog is my “BEST HALF BALAJI”. He constantly wanted me to do something which can eat out a major chunk of my idle time since the moment I had quit my lovable job. As the saying goes “An idle mind is devil’s workshop” , my devil is much worse. Since 2013,he has been persuading me on blogging. I kept procrastinating for some or the other reason. After Niranjan was born,I am being occupied 24/7. But the devil was disturbing me a lot. To curb it away I randomly chose to blog on cooking. As few have mentioned in their comments that blogging as a lone mother is a tough task, I too felt highly pressed some times. I keep posting even when I get 10 minutes of free time.

My interest in cooking increased manifold because of my office friends(first specimens to my cooking:-)). The PMO team and friends from HCL used to comment on A to Z of my cooking and encourage me. My interest became my love when I shifted to Nakshatra Apartments,Throaipakkam. I had a bunch of room/flat mates from different parts of North India,who liked me cooking daily. Post wedding the one and only specimen ( “Rat ” as he calls himself) is Mr.Balaji. I am so grateful to Lord Almighty for this wonderful man . He is the one who transformed my love to passion. I started exploring on different cooking recipes. Each lovely lady of the family from my grandmothers to my newly married sisters-in-law are outstanding cooks. Each one has a unique cooking style and a set of mouth-watering recipes. I first collected recipes across my family and started trying it. I kept attempting new dish almost everyday. I made cooking as my entire day schedule before my little baby’s birth. The family has equal number of perfect critics who improved me. Bows to all masters,and mistresses. 🙂 A special thanks to my constant sources of support-My sister & brother 🙂 Love you all 🙂

The first food blog I looked into was Sharmis Passions. I was impressed by her clicks. Few other impressive sites with unique features were raks kitchen,padhus kitchen,chitrascookbook and sirisfood. I definitely can follow their websites but not their recipes as our family has a defined set of norms w.r.t. cooking each dish.But Sharmi’s clicks ,Rak’s variety , Padhu’s versatility , Siri’s responses and knowledge sharing , Chitra’s simplicity have to be mentioned here. Kudos to all of them. The next set of people to be thanked here my beloved friends who are with me since 3 years of my age. Yeah.. None other than “IGNATIANS-2006 Batch“. We started a whatsapp group recently to share recipes. Everybody gave me a push and I am here now.

Last but not the least , I convey my sincere thanks to each person who looked into my blog and gave me their suggestions, as I announced my blog commencement to them. I would require all of your continual and constant support. Share and like my recipes if it really impresses you. Hit the buttons below and help me move forward.




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  1. Hi, Kalyani, Thank you for visiting my blog.. You have a wonderful blog here…and you have posted quite a few no of recipes in few months.. Keep up the good work.

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