nei appam recipe

Nei Appam Recipe-Traditional Recipe-Karthigai Deepam Recipes

Nei Appam Recipe:

Tomorrow is Thirukarthigai or Karthigai Deepam. Amma makes yummy pori (puffed rice) and grandmom makes appam. The house will be illuminated with dreams and will be glowing throughout. The below recipe was done on 25-8-2016. Yeah, it has been more than 2 years. I didn’t post it thinking I would make again and click better pictures. But I have not redone them so far. What are you planning to make for deepam this year? You can try any of the below easy recipes

Instant Wheat Flour Appam

Peanut Bars/Ladoo

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Breakfast and dinner recipes


Breakfast and dinner recipes:

Hello all, Today’s post is just a compilation of all Breakfast and dinner recipes. I have put down some 120 recipes under this with recipes of steamed foods like idly, appam, idiyappam,paniyaram, dosa varieties,adai varieties, pasta, roti, paratha, bread and upma varieties.

You may please bookmark this page for your further reference as I will be continually adding recipes in this section. I have ensured to fulfil the purpose of my blog (NO WHITE INGREDIENTS ) in all these recipes and have tried my level best in making it really healthy and nutritious. If you have any recipe in your mind and would like to have it from me please feel free to write to me at Continue reading “BREAKFAST & DINNER OPTIONS|TIFFIN RECIPES”