Home made rasam powder


Home Made Rasam Powder Recipe:

Home Made Rasam Powder is today’s recipe.When I had posted homemade sambhar powder many were keenly writing to me asking for rasam powder. As winter/rainy season is approaching and climate keeps varying very frequently including rasam in daily diet helps you improving immunity and also digestion. I have the habit of making various versions of rasam based on the availability of ingredients daily. Rasam for babies can be given after 8 months. You can either provide this like a soup or mix with rice or mix with dal rice and offer your little one. Here is the quick recipe for rasam powder. I shall soon post rasam recipe with this powder. I have already posted coriander garlic rasam and pineapple rasam. Stay tuned for more varieties of rasam. Continue reading “HOME MADE RASAM POWDER|RASAM POWDER/MASALA/PODI RECIPE”