bread rolls


Bread Rolls Recipe:

Cheesy bread rolls with potato is a filling and healthy snack for your fussy toddler who refuses to eat veggies. This was our snack last evening as all of us were craving some hot and sizzling munch on for a drizzling climate. I just gave a quick try with all ingredients which were readily available at home then. You can make any number of variations in this recipe. This is an excellent finger food for babies above 8 months. When you make it for babies below one year, avoid salt and use homemade cheese. Continue reading “BREAD ROLLS”


Turnip Paratha Recipe:

Stuffed parathas are one of my favourite choices for dinner because it keeps you filling and as a mother/wife I need not bother about the health quotient. By default, the vegetable/stuffing gets inside. And the best thing about stuffed parathas is none at home wants a specific special side dish for it. A simple curd or raitha will suffice. Though I keep making them often ,I have posted only Cheese Paratha . I shall surely share all my paratha attempts soon. This recipe was in my drafts since I had posted Almond turnip Soup. Finally, the time has come for it to go live. I have also written in detail on when to offer turnip for babies and its health benefits. Hope you find them useful.


Vegetable bread upma



Whole wheat bread has always been a quick ingredient in my cooking and I prefer to load it with veggies/cheese/butter to make it healthy. Sandwiches make a quick and healthy snack/breakfast for the family when we really need a change. This bread upma flashed in my mind when mothers wanted healthy lunch box recipes/snacks recipes and finger foods.




Water melon is my life saver in summer. Since 3/4 th of the year the season is more likely to be summer in my place I prefer watery vegetables and fruits more. This idea of a fruit salad arose in me when few mothers wanted recipes of fruits for kids who dislike fruits because of the inherent sweetness of fruits. I tasted fruits spicy salad in a buffet at The Taj.  I prefer sprouts salad for evening snacks than any other variety for the family. So I combined idea of salad with fruits. A delicious finger food for your baby,quick evening snack for your family and fussy toddler , an easy recipe of salad for a family gathering is here for you.

Ingredients: (Serves 2)

  • Water melon-1/2 cup(Chopped)
  • Tomato-1 small(chopped)
  • Onion-1 small(chopped)
  • Mint leaves-5
  • Lemon Juice-1 tsp
  • Pepper powder-1/4 tsp
  • Chat Masala-1/4 tsp(Optional)
  • Salt-To taste.



1.Mix all ingredients except lemon juice and stir well.2.Garnish with mint leaves and serve.


P.S:The ratio of the ingredients is your choice.Do not add salt for babies below 1 year.I didn’t add chat masala.Adjust spices according to your taste.Always have a word with your doctor before introducing new foods.

WATER MELON FOR BABIES:You can offer water melon to your babies after 6 months. Prefer to puree initially(recipe will be posted soon) and move on to this later. Few suggest to introduce melons around 8 months. Please don’t prefer juices for babies. To know why,please read here. Melons don’t contribute to allergies usually. How ever have a word with your pediatrician. many prefer juice for babies as this is a watery fruit. But preferring some pieces as finger foods or mashed pieces is highly recommended. I prefer water melons for babies because it is easy to pick and soft to eat. Remove the seeds carefully and then chop. Seeds might lead to choking in babies. This fruit will be a soothing option when babies are teething.


    A melon which gives a good thump and hollow sound should be chosen.Always prefer fresh un-cut fruit.Inspect for bruises or cuts in the fruit.A fully grown melon will be heavier when compared to its size.


    The melon is 93% watery in content. It helps in hydration of your body.It is rich in Vitamin C and hence helps you in iron absorption,maintaining blood counts and boosting immunity.It is a source of Vitamin A which helps in your eye and skin health.Watermelon has calcium and manganese which helps in bone development and proper functioning of the nervous system.Water melon is known for the anti oxidant named lycophene which helps in preventing cancer,asthma and heart diseases.

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home made paneer

Home made Paneer /Cottage Cheese

Home Made Paneer/Cottage Cheese:

Paneer/cottage cheese is a rich source of calcium,protein,vitamin B12,selenium,Vitamin D and Riboflavin. All those who are averse to milk can prefer paneer and it is such an yummy ingredient.I am so addicted to home made dishes and my trials on home made foods never ends.  I have made paneer with lemon juice. But I read somehwere that curd can be used for a softer version. Hence I tried with it. Here is the recipe in 2 methods.I did this as finger food for my LO.Paneer can be your baby’s finger food for babies since 8 months.You can add crumbled paneer in purees,blend with purees,add to salads,stuff with dosa,apply on toasts,garnish with macroni for your babies. I did it fresh and consumed the very same day.You can refrigerate for a maximum of 15 days.

Finger food


Milk-1 litre

Curd-1/2 cup/Lemon Juice-Few drops

home made paneer


1.Boil milk in a clean vessel

2.When it begins to boil,add curd or lemon juice and bring to slow flame

3.Keep stirring in slow flame until the whey completely separates.

home made paneer

4.In the mean time place a large filter over a vessel and place a white muslin cloth in the filter.

5.When the whey is completely separated switch off the flame.

6.Pour the curdled milk in the filter slowly and carefully.

home made paneer

7.When the water is completely drained wash the whey in flowing water if you have added lemon juice.

8. Tie the cloth in an elevated place and place a vessel beneath.

9. Let it hang for 2 hours.

home made paneer

10.Now place the cloth,with the whey on chapathi maker and roll it evenly with pressure or use a heavy weight to flatten it.

11.Place a heavy weight(I used my mortor and pestel/iron dosa tava) for 6 hours.

12.Once it is set,remove from the cloth carefully and refrigerate for one hour .

13. Do not freeze. After that you can cut into pieces and store in a container.

home made paneer

14.Whenever you wish to use,remove it from the fridge and bring to room temperature and cool it and use.

home made paneer


I took care this time to make soft and neat pieces. So I followed the setting time strictly

Chop into small pieces so that gravy gets absorbed easily.

I chopped lengthwise for finger foods.

You can use vinegar also instead of curd or lemon.

Skip step 7 if you have used curd.

Better to flatten the paneer into a circle so that chopping is easy and waste is less.

I use the corner pieces as crumbled paneer in burji recipes.

I make it one day and use it the next day.

You can store in refrigerator for 2 weeks.

The images above are from curd with milk and images below is with lemon juice.

home made paneer

Health Benefits of paneer:Source:

  • Cottage cheese is a great source of calcium, which is helpful in maintaining strong teeth and bones. Due to its low lactose content, it protects the teeth against harmful sugars.
  • Cottage cheese contains Vitamin D, which along with calcium, facilitates in preventing cavities and wearing down of the tooth enamel. Hence, regular consumption of cottage cheese is helpful in preserving good dental health.
  • Intake of cheese prevents osteoporosis that is caused due to the deficiency of calcium. Osteoporosis is common in women undergoing menopause, elderly people and children suffering from malnutrition. Cottage cheese is a rich source of protein, calcium, and vitamins which are necessary for proper bone health.
  • Vitamins B complex, present in cottage cheese, are essential for the formation and strengthening of cartilage in children, women (pregnant and lactating) and men. These dairy products also facilitate proper absorption and distribution of calcium in the body and provide protection against diseases such as beriberi.
  • For people who are underweight, cottage cheese helps you put on those extra pounds. It contains generous amount of proteins, fats, calcium, vitamins, and minerals, which help in boosting weight.
  • The presence of conjugated linoleic acid and sphingolipids in cottage cheese makes it effective in preventing cancer.
  • Cottage cheese is also known to enhance blood formation, strengthen the liver and facilitate absorption of nutrients.

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