kids snack box recipes

Junk Free Snack Box Recipes for kids(School/Day care)

Kids Snack Box Recipes:

The greatest puzzles to which we never get the right answer would be “What to pack for kids lunch box/snack box?”.We will have a huge decision-making process involved wherein we need to consider kid’s likes/ dislikes, availability of ingredients, ease of self-feeding at school, nutritional demands and a lot more. After thinking of so many of these we need to work on presenting them to kids well and ensuring that they have it with no mess at school/daycare and completely finish them.

My little boy has the habit of asking me daily for the menu details before taking his school bag. He would be equally interested the previous day to give his own menu too. I have compiled a set of simple snack options which can be a mid-morning/ evening snack for kids above 1.5 years. All of these are totally junk free and 100% healthy Kids Snack Box Recipes(white ingredients free). I hope you would find them useful. Kindly bookmark this page as this section would be regularly updated.


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