Homemade recipes:

Hi all, today’s post is just a collection of all recipes in my homemade series. I always prefer homemade ingredients in cooking and I prefer to prepare them in small batches. Most of us would refrain from preparing the essentials at home thinking it is a huge process. But it is not so. It can be done very easily when you make in small batches, say the amount required for a month. The freshness can also be ensured in this way. I shall keep adding recipes to this section as I keep adding them to my kitchen. So you can bookmark this page to get future updates automatically. Also feel free to write to me to get recipes for dishes of your choice. I shall make them and post for you. Continue reading “HOME -MADE SERIES”

Ragi Cookies



This is a guest post from Mrs.Archana Karthick who has already written a guest post in the mushroom category. She is an awesome cook who concentrates on healthy cooking and comes out with excellent ideas, especially for toddlers. Thank you dear for such a lovely add on to my blog. This is yet another healthy baking recipe with no sugar and no maida after my whole grain cake recipe. Continue reading “EGGLESS RAGI COOKIES-A NO SUGAR RECIPE”