home made tomato sauce with no added preservatives

HOME MADE TOMATO SAUCE-No Preservatives added

Home Made Tomato Sauce Recipe:

How did like the carrot cake my dear friends? I was overwhelmed with the feedback for that recipe. If you have tried it or any other recipes of mine, please click and mail to kitchenkathukutty@gmail.com.You will soon see them decorating my page.Thanks in advance.Now let’s come to today’s recipe. It is my big time dream come true. Yeah! A homemade recipe for all kids favourite “TOMATO SAUCE” with no added preservatives which is just finger licking good. Many mommy friends have been asking for this since they were not so comfortable to offering the store bought ones for kids. I just sat up yesterday , made up some reading and experimented this recipe.I began with finding a recipe which will not require preservatives.Most recipes called for the usage of vinegar which I was not comfortable in using and I didn’t have it with me too. So I went ahead to looking if vinegar is a must add ingredient in sauce. Then I found it is not required. Few references quoted that Ketchup is made of tomatoes,vinegar and whereas sauce is made without vinegar.I happily began deciding on my ingredients and processes and went ahead. I had 670 gms of tomatoes and I am providing you with a scaled up ingredients list Continue reading “HOME MADE TOMATO SAUCE-No Preservatives added”