DENGUE FEVER-Preventive Measures,Natural Home Remedies and Foods For Babies,Kids & Adult

DENGUE FEVER-The most trending and dreadful topic in the recent days.Everyday news will definitely have a large coverage about this and I feel so painful and distressed on seeing the loss of lives to this vector borne disease .I have seen so many queries about this disease in social media in the recent days and the pain of the parents/patients is totally intolerable.We come across numerous new diseases everyday ,hence I feel it is best to be aware about them.I usually keep reading a lot about any trending diseases just to keep myself aware of the symptoms.I myself was diagnosed of dengue few years back and believe me dengue was not so prevalent those times like now but I was affected and it was never less than a battle for life.I somehow caught the infection while traveling.When I was sharing few of the insights I had learnt and I had gained through my personal experience to my friends and my neighbours,they insisted me to detail it up on my blog so that it reaches a larger audience.I have put my best efforts to share all my knowledge about this DENGUE.I hope it would help all of you .Please share this with your family and friends especially to our daily helpers/people who are unaware of these.This is definitely not equivalent to any professional medical advice.

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