Mushroom Recipes

Mushroom Recipes

Mushroom Recipes:

Here is a collection of recipes based on mushrooms or mushrooms as the base ingredient. All of these are guest posts from fellow bloggers and friends. All recipes are healthy and easy to make.I have also written in detail about when babies can be given mushrooms and the nutritional information of mushroom.Come let’s have look at all mushroom recipes.Please click the image to check the detailed recipe.

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multicolour mushroom masala

Multicolor Mushroom Masala

Multicolor Mushroom Masala

Time for a guest post from my college mate Anne Helena. She is a lovely and energetic woman I have in my life. The fun we had at college was enormous . She is a multi talented personality and a very positive person. She has her own blog “

I invite pure vegetarian recipes with mushrooms/soya chunks as guest posts for my blog on account of my 100 th post publishing. I had already extended invite to fellow bloggers,friends and family. Whoever is interested ,please write to me at with ingredients,detailed recipe and step by step images(at-least one final image). I will be happy and honoured to post the same in my blog.

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Mushroom Gravy

Mushroom Gravy

Mushroom Gravy

I hope all of you remember that I was inviting guest recipes on account of my 100 th post.One guest recipe from Gouthami,a fellow blogger at Clicks n Bites is here below. She is an young mother and she takes utmost care to post unique recipes in her blog. She keeps them simple but very unique.I have always fallen for her clicks and they just drag you. Thank you dear for the wonderful recipe and very encouraging and motivating words 🙂 I feel really honoured reading your appreciation 🙂 I am geared to work on this more and more.

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kadai mushroom


Hi Readers! I have received one more guest post on “Mushrooms”. Hope all of you remember these lines from my blog in mushroom biriyani recipe.”I am on cloud nine in posting this recipe,the reasons being ,the first guest post I have received and the first post on my blog with mushrooms. When I reached 100 posts in my blog I wanted to do something to celebrate it as my in-laws were stressing on it.They felt it  was not an easy job to do this managing a toddler(hyper-active & extra naughty) at home single-handed. What’s the point in celebrating alone?I always celebrate with my friends and family.Hence I decided to invite guest recipes from other well experienced bloggers and my most supportive friends. Most of my friends responded so positively but all of them needed some time. I am super excitedly waiting to receive them all 🙂.You might be puzzled on why I had invited my friends as guests. It is because I wished to honour them for their enormous encouragement and they are proving it once again. I am waiting for replies from other bloggers. I do invite recipes from my other co-bloggers/friends/family and readers. Kindly drop a mail at”

This below recipe is from my school-mate “Ramya Kalyani”. I happened to connect with her recently after 10 long years via facebook. When I requested for the guest post,she came up with this in a couple of days. I have just copied her mail and pasted here.Thank you Ramya  for the recipe and lovely words of appreciation:)


This wonderful blog, which primarily focuses on traditional foods , is such a wonderful venture as it is not easy to find many traditional recipes these days. Another thing is the usage of ingredients like karupatti, millets etc., which are so healthy as well. Her emphasis on eating healthy and avoiding packed items is the need of the hour . My recipe today is my support to this cause as well. ( you’ll know how as you read on )

I came across KitchenKathukutty through a Facebook group and liked it a lot. When I found out that an old classmate was the face behind it, I was pleasantly surprised and connecting with her after a decade felt so good . My best wishes Kalyani, for your wonderful venture.  Wishing you all the success

I was so glad when she asked me if I would do a guest post for her . And I volunteered with this Kadai Mushroom recipe. I would like to apologise beforehand for the poor pictures.. they were taken in a hurry and in poor light and since I am on vacation, I cant recook and click right away .

I hope that doesnt stop you from trying out this fabulous and aromatic KADAI MUSHROOM.

The best thing about this recipe is, everything is made afresh and no  packed masala powder is used

kadai mushroomSo here goes


Button mushrooms – 1 pack ( cut into cubes)
Onions – 1 cubed ( cut into cubes , divide in 2 parts)
Tomatoes – 2 medium
Capsicum – 1 medium (cut into cubes)
Ginger – a small piece
Garlic – 2-4 pods ( depending on  your taste )
Coriander – a handful chopped finely
Oil / ghee – 2 tsp + 2 tsp

To roast and grind
Coriander seeds –  4 tsp
Jeera -2 tsp
Red chillies – 3 or as per taste
Saunf – 1/2 tsp ( optional )
Cinnamon – 1 small piece ( optional )
Elaichi – 2 ( optional )
Cloves – 1 ( optional )


1)Heat a pan and dry roast all the ingredients given under to roast & grind . The spices should be aromatic and toasted. Take care not to burn . Set aside .Once cooled, grind it into a powder.

2) In a pan, heat some 2 tsp oil , add the garlic , ginger and then one half of the onions, Dont put all the onions in here . Next add the tomatoes, and saute util the raw smell goes . Set aside . Grind it to a fine paste once cooled .

3) Heat 2 tsp oil, add the remaining onions . Saute a little, then add the capsicum chunks . Fry until they are cooked but still crunchy . Take care so that veggies dont turn soft and soggy .

4) Add the cubed mushrooms and cook for a couple of mins

5) Add the tomato – onion paste and then the freshly ground masala . Add a couple of spoons of masala first  and add more as per taste .

6) Add a little water to the gravy . Add salt and let it cook closed for 5-7 minutes

7) Turn off the stove . Stir in the chopped coriander .

kadai mushroom

Fresh and flavourful Kadai Mushroom is ready . Garnish with fresh cream if needed . A squeeze of lemon will be good too.

The mushrooms can be substituted or used along paneer or baby corn.

Serve hot with any mild pulao / steamed basmati rice / roti. Enjoy .

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