Mushroom Roast Recipe

Mushroom Roast Recipe-South Style Mushroom Roast Recipe

Mushroom Roast Recipe:

This is a guest post recipe which I received from a sweet blogger buddy Sujana who owns not forget to visit her website which has beautiful contents from a wide range of topics. She is one of the gems I found in social media and she readily accepted my offer to share a guest post for my blog anniversary. Owing to my travels I couldn’t share this immediately. Thank you so much for this awesome recipe and always being a big supporter & motivator dear. Continue reading “Mushroom Roast Recipe-South Style Mushroom Roast Recipe”

Devil. Mushroom

Devil Mushroom

Devil Mushroom:

Today’s guest post is from Karkuzhali Praveen, author and blogger at

We met through a social media forum and I approached her for a guest post, she immediately accepted and had sent me this recipe. She has been passionately cooking and experimenting in her kitchen since her teens and she has written on several topics like kolam/relationships/festivals and a lot more. She is a very versatile person and it was really that beautiful tamil name of herself and her blog attracted me to get into her space. Thank you, dear. Wishing you a great blogging journey ahead. Continue reading “Devil Mushroom”