Rava Kesari|Sooji Kesari|Rava Bath|Sooji Halwa

Kesari-The most super quick sweet one can make which I have never made fearing that I wouldn’t be able to get the right consistency.Hubby and my paternal grand dad likes it so much.My paternal aunt would never come home without a bowl of this even if she visits us every week.Mom makes it in a jiffy and she had never failed.But to attempt this recipe I literally nagged her for a week ,pulled hubby inside kitchen and finally made it.Hopefully it is perfect.I was questioned by few friends that how I manage to cook without white ingredients daily.I try to replace with healthy alternatives.But I do include them once in 4 months or 6 months for dishes like kesari,milk halwa,gulab jamun etc.We don’t make these daily ,right?

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