Home-made Multigrain Porridge Mix/Health Drink Mix/Sathu Maavu

Home-made multigrain porridge mix/ Sathu Maavu Recipe:

This post had been lying in my drafts since April 2015. And now I wanted to post it to help many mothers. I have been drinking this regularly for around 5 years continuously since I stopped having milk. I really had thrown this away in childhood.Please, mothers, don’t let your kid miss these. And I request you to prepare the mix at home. You can make many versions of porridge with this like with/without milk, sweet/ salt, with buttermilk. These are the ingredients which my mother, grandmother have been using. My mother/MIL used to send/bring me the ingredients which I don’t get easily at Hubli and we prepare it here. (It is so cheap when prepared at home and stored).There is one another version where they use sprouted grains. I shall post it shortly.I did some research on it before I could post. Here are the insights. I request you to please read these for a minimum of two times and consider them

It is a wholesome drink that gives you constant energy than any other drink.

It is ideal/essential for toddlers above 2 years,pregnant women and lactating mothers.

This is not like “home made instant food mix”. You cannot/should not mix it with hot water instantly(just like the farex/cerelac/nestum) and provide your baby. You definitely have to cook it for a minimum of 10 minutes.

You can store it for 2 months in an air tight container(out of reach of ants) outside and even 1 year in refrigerator if you skip adding cashews.



Home-made multigrain porridge mix/ Sathu Maavu Recipe


  • Black gram-1/4 kg
  • Red rice-150 gms
  • Soya-150 gms
  • Corn pearls-100 gms
  • Sorghum-100 gms
  • Fried Bengal gram-200 gms
  • Pearl millet-300 gms
  • Finger millet-300 gms
  • Green gram-1/2 kg
  • Sago-100 gms
  • Cashews-25 gms
  • Badam-100 gms
  • Cardamom-hand few
  • Dried ginger-A small piece


Home-made multigrain porridge mix/ Sathu Maavu Recipe


1. Dry roast each ingredient separately and let them cool by spreading in plates.

Home-made multigrain porridge mix/ Sathu Maavu Recipe

2.Mix all ingredients well and grind them into a fine powder in flour mills and store it in airtight containers.

3.Home-made multigrain porridge mix /Sathu Maavu is ready.


Ensure that you buy cleaned raw items. If you find impurities clean them before dry roasting.

Do have a word with your doctor before introducing any new food.

Ensure to have introduced all ingredients separately to babies before offering this.

I didn’t have stock of black gram. Hence not found in the picture.

The ratio of ingredients is purely your choice.

I skipped adding cashews as they tend to give an oily essence in due course.

Carefully roast each item separately. Do not combine dry roasting of two ingredients.

You can include ground nut ,horse gram , barley (each 25 gms to 50 gms ) if you wish.

When you prepare for the first time ,prepare a meager quantity and make a trial of usage before stocking a large quantity.

You can have a cycle and keep changing the millet varieties each time if you wish.

The colour depends on many factors. So please don’t take that as a factor.

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  1. Ca u suggest me porridge for my 11 months baby?? Can this be given to him?? I have been giving him porridge made from millets. Its acceptable for him. So please do let me know which is better. Thanks

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