Home-made sathumaavu kanji/multigrain porridge/health drink

Yesterday I had posted home-made sathu maavu mix recipe. Now I am here with the procedure to make the porridge. This is the sweet version.


Palm jaggery-1 tbsp

Sathu maavu/Multi grain porridge mix-2 tbsp

Water-2 cups.



1.Add palm jaggery,health mix and water without any lumps.


2.Cook by continuously stirring for 10 minutes in medium flame.


3.Serve it after cooling

Look for all varieties porridge and porridge mix


When you  try for the first time try with half tbsp of mix.

You can adjust the level of water and mix as per your wish

To add milk/buttermilk initially cook it with half water and then add milk/buttermilk.

You can add karupaati/jaggery/salt instead of palm jaggery.

You should cook minimum 10 minutes and you can cook more if you want a thickened version.

All porridges mentioned above can be made in this way except whole wheat/ragi porridge

Avoid any sweetner for babies less than 1 year.

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