Veg Masala Macroni/Indian Veg Masala Pasta/Veg Macroni Stir Fry

Veg Masala Macroni/Indian Veg Masala Pasta/Veg Macroni Stir Fry

Pasta/Macroni is definitely my favourite. But with the fear of the ingredients of pasta(most made from maida) and lack of availability of whole wheat pasta makes me cook pasta very rarely. I recently witnessed pasta/macroni being widely used even for babies(I was shocked indeed).I go for it very occasionally and I attempt to cook a different recipe every time.

Veg Masala Macroni/Indian Veg Masala Pasta/Veg Macroni Stir Fry

This time I wanted to blend the Indian masala and make a stir fry recipe with macroni just like I make any veggies. The most happiest thing with this recipe is I used home-made cheese. As a mother if you are against such foods but your lo loves it , make it extra healthy by adding loads of veggies and less of macroni 🙂 An Indo-Italian fusion recipe 🙂 Come and have a look at the recipe.

Veg Masala Macroni/Indian Veg Masala Pasta/Veg Macroni Stir Fry


  • Pasta-1 cup(whole wheat)
  • Veggies-2 cups
  • Ginger-A small piece
  • Garlic-5
  • Green chilly-1
  • Sambhar powder-1/4 tsp
  • Chilly powder-A pinch
  • Pepper powder-A pinch
  • Turmeric Powder-A pinch
  • Oil-To cook
  • Salt-To taste
  • Home made cheese-To garnish

To Temper:

  • Mustard seeds-1/4 tsp
  • Urad Dhal-1/4 tsp

Indian Masala Pasta


1.Chop vegetables and set it aside.

2.In a wide bowl add water and let it boil.

3.Add the pasta when water boils.In the meantime make a paste of ginger+garlic+green chilly.

Veg masala pasta

4.When the pasta turns soft but still firm,switch off and drain the water.

5.Use a colander and completely drain water and set the cooked pasta aside.

6.Add oil in a pan and temper with mustard seeds and urad dhal.

Indian Masala pasta

7.Add the g+g+g paste and all masala powders and saute till raw smell vanishes.

8.Add the vegetables and saute till they turn soft.

9.Add water and cook the vegetables by closing the pan with a lid.

10.When vegetables are cooked add salt and stir well.

Veg masala pasta

11.Add the cooked pasta and give a quick stir.

12.Switch off and add grated cheese.

13.Serve it hot.

Veg masala pasta


Fluff the macroni  with a fork after draining the water if you choose shell type

You can add a drop of oil in the water to have non-sticky pasta

You can also add chat masala

I stir after adding cheese and garnish with additional cheese.

Adjust the chilly powder as per your taste.

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