Breakfast and dinner recipes


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Breakfast and dinner recipes:

Hello all, Today’s post is just a compilation of all Breakfast and dinner recipes. I have put down some 120 recipes under this with recipes of steamed foods like idly, appam, idiyappam,paniyaram, dosa varieties,adai varieties, pasta, roti, paratha, bread and upma varieties.

You may please bookmark this page for your further reference as I will be continually adding recipes in this section. I have ensured to fulfil the purpose of my blog (NO WHITE INGREDIENTS ) in all these recipes and have tried my level best in making it really healthy and nutritious. If you have any recipe in your mind and would like to have it from me please feel free to write to me at and dinner recipes:

Click the link(underlined words) to get the detailed recipe of each dish with step by step images and detailed procedure.

Steamed food: 

      1. Idiyappam
      2. Aapam-Without cooking soda
      3. Kara Kuzhi Paniyaram
      4. Karupatti Paniyaram
      6. Seeraalam
      7. Saamai Idiyappam/Barnyard millet String hoppers
      8. Idly
      9. Instant idiyappam
      10. KozhuKattai/Steamed rice balls
      11. Beet Root Paniyaram/Appe
      12. Kambu Idiyappam 
      13. Ragi Milagu Kozhukkattai 
      14. SathuMaavu Kozhukkattai/Multigrain Dumplings
      15. Red Rice Puttu
      16.  Kara Kozhukkattai
      17. Saamai/Little Millet Kozhukkattai
      18. Ragi Idly
      19. Varagu Kozhukkattai
      20. Neer  Kozhukattai
      21. Ragi Paniyaram
      22. Kuzha Puttu/Kerala puttu
      23. Red Aval Kozhukkattai
      24. Multi Millet Kozhukkattai
      25. Wheat Tofu Momos
      26. Sathumaavu Kozhukkattai/Modhagam
      27. Modhagam with moong dhal fillings
      28. Nei Appam
      29. Chola Karuppattii Paniyaram
      30. Chola kara Paniyaram
      31. Arisi Vella Puttu
      32. Corn Puttu
  1. Pasta  and bread Varieties:

    1. Pasta in White Sauce
    2. Tomato Pasta
    3. Fusilli pasta in tomato sauce
    4. VEG MASALA MACRONI/Indian Veg Masala Pasta/Veg Macroni Stir Fry
    5. Vegetable bread upma
    6. Beet root Sandwich
    7. Corn Capsicum Cheese Toast
    8. Vegetable Sandiwch/Veg. Cheese Sandwich
    9. Bread Rolls
    10. Dry Fruit Sandwich
    11. Pav Bhaji
    12. Whole Wheat Vegetable Noodles
    13. Instant Bread Uthappam
    14. Thai Rice Noodles
    15. Whole Wheat Tomato Pasta


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  1. NOTE:You can view my complete recipe collection here.

    Please have a word with your pediatrician before introducing any new food to your baby.

    Please go through the recipe completely and ensured to have introduced them prior before giving a new dish to your baby.

    Please check my collection of recipes for babies here.


  2. Breakfast and dinner recipes

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