Red Poha Upma:

Red poha/flattened rice/aval/beaten rice is one of the quickest and healthiest ingredients which can be a part of your snack/breakfast/dinner. Mom and grandmother make many varieties out of poha. Red poha halwa/red poha sweet Pongal was one such recipe and now it is a 15 minute quick and healthy breakfast. This can be excellent finger food. This will just melt in the mouth as I have used thin variety. You can also use thick and white ones.

Red Poha Upma:

aval upma.JPG

Red Poha Upma:


  • Red Aval-1 cup
  • Carrot-1/2 cup(medium sized)
  • Potato-1/2 cup(Medium Sized)
  • Beans-1/4 cup
  • Tomato-1
  • Onion-1 cup(Sliced)
  • Home made Sambhar powder-1/2 tsp
  • Chilly powder-1/2 tsp
  • Jeera Powder-1/2 tsp
  • Turmeric powder-1 tsp
  • Pepper-1/2 tsp
  • Salt-To taste
  • Oil/Ghee-To cook

To temper:

  • Mustard seeds-1/4 tsp
  • Urad dhal-1/4 tsp
  • Channa Dhal-1 tsp
  • Cashews-5
  • Curry leaves
  • Cumin seeds-1/4 tsp

Red Poha Upma:


1.Remove impurities from the beatenrice/aval/poha and set it aside

2. Wash the veggies and cut into small cubes.

3.In a pan add 1 tbsp of ghee or oil and finely toast cashews and separate.

4.In the same pan,add ghee or oil and temper with tempering elements.

veg poha upma

5.Add onion,tomatoes and all veggies one after the other and saute them well.

6.Add all masalas and give a quick stir.


7.Add a cup of water and let it cook.

8.Close the pan and let it cook.

9.When the veggies are cooked 90% add salt and quickly stir well.

vegetable poha upma.jpg

10.Now just dip the beaten rice in water and rinse in flowing water.

11.Squeeze all water from it. Add to the veggies.

12.Toss well and garnish with cashews and serve hot.

vegetable aval upma.JPG


You can even add pre-cooked peas,corn ,capsicum.

Adding a drop of lemon juice or tomato sauce enhances the taste.

Always have a word with your doctor before offering anything new.

Do consider family history of allergies.

Adjust the spices level as per your taste.

Avoid salt before 1 year for babies.

As I have used thin aval/poha it just submerged with the veggies. You can use thick aval too.

The aval/poha should not in water for a long time. It might completely get mashed

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