Daily Diet Chart for Babies

6 months to 3 years diet chart

Most of my readers would be very happy today on seeing this post. I had been delaying the release of this post due to several technical issues and personal reasons.Many parents wrote to me asking for a diet chart/meal plan for their babies and I kept saying soon and gave them a sample. This was in WIP(work in progress) state for more than 3 months and today I let it go live.The main reason for the delay was some incompatibility issue with my blog and I personally didn’t like posting a diet chart because I usually go by “FEED ON DEMAND”. Still I made some efforts(really huge) to get this done.Hope you find them useful.

six months plus babies daily diet chart

6 plus months baby diet chart

daily diet chart for 7 months plus babies

7 plus months baby diet chart

daily diet chart for 8 months plus babies

8 plus months baby diet chart

9 months plus baby diet chart

9 plus months baby diet chart

10 months to 1 year daily diet chart

10 plus months to one year baby diet chart


One year plus to two years baby diet chart

2 years and above daily diet chart

Two years and above baby diet chart

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Just hover your mouse pointer on the recipe and click once to get detailed recipe.

I shall keep this updated with new recipes which I would be including in my blog. So please bookmark this page to catch up with all updates in future.

Always have a word with your pediatrician before introducing any new food.

Do consider history of family allergies when introducing new foods.

Don’t force feed baby.

Until two years kindly breastfeed baby on demand.It is a recommendation from WHO.

I would have incorporated three day wait in early stages of diet charts. It is said to be obsolete now.So you can ignore them and just watch for allergies carefully.

Do include as many varieties as possible in baby food.

Avoid honey,sugar,salt,milk till one year in any form in any quantity.

The above chart has been put up to just provide an idea and this can never be an alternate to any medical expert advice.

Always use sterlised bowls and spoons to feed baby.

Prefer open cup and spoon instead to bottles and sippers.

For all recipes of healthy home made baby foods please refer here

This chart is just to give an idea. Kindly include all fruits,vegetables,pulses,cereals in baby’s food and offer your family foods.


Kindly do not copy/reproduce any part of this content in any form.




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