Hello Folks! Greetings from KitchenKathukutty 🙂 It has been a very long time since I had posted in this space(It was before Navratri). I was away on account of several family and personal commitments and finally back after 5 months. So were you guys missing me?. I hope all of you are in good health and high spirits.Shall we get into today’s recipe? It is a long pending recipe from my side.I had sent this to mylittlemoppet as a guest post few months back and I am posting it here for you. As most of you would know I always prefer home made ingredients and this is my son’s favourite too. Making butter at home might seem tedious at first but I can bet you that you wouldn’t try store bought butter if you start using this. It will just melt down in your mouth.As summer is almost there here burning all of us I would recommend to have a spoonful of butter in empty stomach early in the morning. This will help you beat the heat.  I can hear many of you asking “Won’t butter increase fat content of my body?, Is it not harmful?” Butter is such a super food if taken in moderation.Butter has been used as a healing medicine by our ancestors.Butter is an excellent source of healthy fatty acids and cholesterol.It is a great anti aging agent .When it comes to babies you can include home made butter from six months . You can add to all food items or even offer it fresh from your blender. 

home made butter

Ingredients for HOME MADE BUTTER:

  • Malai/Milk Cream-1 cup
  • Water-2 cups
  • Curd-1/4 tsp



1.Heat milk in a boiling pan and let it boil.(Use full fat full cream milk).When it is about boil,simmer and let it get heated up for 5 minutes.Ensure that the milk does not overflow.

home made butter
2.Bring the milk to room temperature.You will find a thick layer of malai on top of it.

home made butter

3.Collect the malai daily(for 15 to 20 days) by using a clean spoon and store it in a container or glass bottle.(The container or bottle should be perfectly clean and dry).Store this in refrigerator.

home made butter
4.Once the container is full or when you have enough malai or when you decide to make butter,add curd to the container and allow the container to stay at room temperature for 8 hours or over night.

home made butter
5.Transfer the contents of this container to a vessel.
6.Add water to it and start churning using a traditional whisk(mathu) or electric beater.

home made butter
7.The mixture will begin to froth in 2-5 minutes.
8.Continue to whisk/beat/churn well in circular motion for few more minutes(max 10 minutes).

home made butter
9.You will find a thick layer of butter gathering on the top of the froth.
10.Collect this using your hands and transfer to a bowl with water.
11.Repeat the same until you find no more buttery collection on top.The liquid left beneath is fresh buttermilk ,ready for consumption.
12.Gather the butter collected in the bowl together and store in a clean air tight container.
13.Refrigerate it and use it when needed.



The thickness of the malai depends on the type of milk .I would suggest to use full cream full fat milk.

To easily collect the malai on top of milk,refrigerate milk (after bringing to room temperature) and collect it.

You can use mixer or hand blender instead of the traditional churner(mathu),but I would always avoid doing so due to the mess and grease the process leaves to the mixer jar.

The butter will stay well for 1 or 2 months if stored and used right.Always use a dry spoon.

Let the butter come to room temperature before making ghee out of it,

If you are using a mixie ensure that you run it at intervals.The jar shouldn’t get heated up.

Alternatively you can also just shake the container with malai and try collecting butter. My mother does this almost weekly thrice and we have it fresh from her hands .

Tips from my grandmother:

Using chilled water or few ice cubes helps obtaining butter quick & easy.

Churning the butter early in the morning/post sun set reduces the process time as the butter tends to melt rather than getting collected because of day temperature. (I am not sure,though)


Please have a word with your doctor before introducing any new food to babies.

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