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How are you all doing? Hot summer and Vacation mood are keeping away from blogging.(I can hear few of you saying “Ahhh!You come with some reasons! :@ ). I just rush and complete cooking in a jiffy and come to the rescue of a fan as my kitchen is always burning like a furnace. Hope this summer ends soon and I pray that it shouldn’t affect anyone. Come let’s see today’s recipe. I had sent this to MyLittleMoppet for Mum’s in the kitchen series and it is up on their website now.

Sathumaavu/Health mix/Multigrain flour is one of the most used ingredients in my kitchen. Since we don’t take milk/tea/coffee to break the dawn, our most preferred daily morning drink is sathumaavu and I keep trying ways to include in our menu. I have tried dosa.cakes, roti and you can find the recipes below.

1.Home made Sathumaavu(Health Mix)

2.Home made health mix drink

3.Instant Multigrain Dosa

4.Multigrain roti

5.Eggless Multigrain cake

This recipe which I am presenting to you today was suggested for my son by my mother’s friend. I had my fingers crossed till my family tasted it and approved.You can try for snacks/dinner.It is absolutely yummy and also filling. This can be given for babies above one year (Jaggery not to be used before one year) after trying the individual ingredients for allergy.

sathumaavu kozhukkkattai



  • Sathumaavu/Health Mix-1 cup
  • Jaggery-3/4 cup
  • Coconut-Few pieces
  • Moong dhal-1/2 cup
  • Cardamom Powder-A pinch

sathumaavu kozhukkkattai



1. Measure and keep all ingredients ready.

2.Dry roast moong dhal in a pan till it slightly golden brown.

sathumaavu kozhukkkattai

3.HomemadeSoak it in water for sometime.

sathumaavu kozhukkkattai

4.Dry roast the sathumaavu/multigrain flour in low flame till aroma arises and keep aside.

sathumaavu kozhukkkattai

5.Dry roast coconut pieces too.

6. Boil some water and add jaggery to it. Use water just to immerse the jaggery.

sathumaavu kozhukkkattai

7. Keep stirring till it dissolves.If it has impurities filter it.

8. Add the flour,soaked dhal,jaggery syrup,cardamom powder and coconut pieces and mix well in a vessel.

sathumaavu kozhukkkattai

9. Roll it into small balls or any shape of your choice and steam it in an idly pot for 20 minutes.

sathumaavu kozhukkkattai

10. Serve it hot.

sathumaavu kozhukkkattai

sathumaavu kozhukkkattai


Adding the right amount of water is the only crucial step in the procedure. You just have to add water to immerse the jaggery.

Don’t boil the syrup for a long time. It is ready for use when jaggery is totally dissolved.

Mix the flour well when the syrup is hot.

Adding coconut is to give a crunchy feel while biting.You can skip it if you wish.

If jaggery has impurities please filter it before boiling it for syrup.

You can use any millet flour instead of sathumaavu.

It becomes slightly hard if it gets cooled.So serve it warm.

Please have a word with your doctor before introducing any new food to babies.

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sathumaavu kozhukkkattai

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