Ladies Finger Curry:

Ufff …One more recipe with coconut milk-Ladies Finger Coconut Milk Curry/Gravy.I have tasted this version of kuzhambhu in several places but I never managed to guess the recipe right. I really wanted to give it a try because it tastes heavenly and it is a versatile side dish. After so many trials I finally landed up with this version and I really like it. This is the only Kuzhambhu I would love to have even in more quantity. Yeah.. I am not a lover of gravies for rice and I take very less quantity of rice when it is kuzhambu and take more when it is a variety rice. I somehow grew like that!!So making side dish for rice is always a head ache to me and I make the usual sambhar/puli kuzhambu stuffs only once a month. But this okra coconut milk gravy is an exception I should say. I love making it again and again and again. My helper at Cochin once tasted this and said their cuisine has a similar traditional dish called “Mappas” in which they use ladies finger,mutton and other meat items. Dear fellow friends from Kerala do try and let me know if it matches mappas?I have never tasted this when I was it Kerala. You can use this as a side dish to idly/ dosa/ appam/ idiyappam/ rice/ roti. Would you not love to make such a dish which is an all-rounder and believe me it is so easy too?

Ladies Finger Curry:


ladies finger curry

Ladies Finger Curry:

Serves 3

  • Ladies Finger-10-15 small sized
  • Tomato-3 medium sized
  • Shallots-5-10
  • Onion-1
  • Red Chilli Powder-1 tsp
  • Garam masala Powder-1.5 tsp
  • Coriander Powder-2 tsp
  • Coconut Milk-I cup (Thick)
  • Water -1.5 cups
  • Turmeric Powder-A pinch
  • Salt-To taste
  • Oil -To cook

To temper:

  • Mustard Seeds-1/4 tsp
  • Urad Dhal-1/4 tsp
  • Red Chilly-1
  • Curry Leaves- Handful

Ladies Finger Curry

Ladies Finger Coconut Milk Gravy/Curry:


1.Measure the ingredients and keep them ready.

2.Peel the shallots,slice the onions,cut the ladies finger and roughly chop the tomatoes.

Ladies Finger Curry

3. In a pan add oil and temper with the above-mentioned ingredients.

4. Add onions and shallots and fry till they turn soft.

Ladies Finger Curry

5. Now add the chopped ladies finger to this and fry till the sticky nature vanishes.

vendaikkai thengai paal kuzhambhu

6. Add the masala powders mentioned and mix well.

8. To this add tomatoes and saute well.

vendaikkai thengai paal kuzhambhu

9.When tomatoes have started turning soft add 1.5 cups of water and allow it to cook.

10.It will begin simmering.From now cook only in medium flame

11.When the ladies finger is completely cooked and the kulambhu/gravy reaches a semi gravy state add thick coconut milk.

12.Stir well and cook for five minutes in low flame.

vendaikkai thengai paal kuzhambhu

13.Switch off the gas and transfer to a serving bowl.

Ladies Finger Curry

14.Serve it hot with rice/roti/idly/dosa/aapam.

Ladies Finger Curry


You can adjust spices as per your choice.

Don’t let the gravy boil after adding coconut milk as it will curdle.

This can be offered to babies above six months without salt.

Please ensure to have tried all ingredients in any recipe individually and rule out allergies for babies.

Consider the family history of allergies before trying new food.

Please have a word with your doctor before introducing any new food to babies.

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