How to handle Hair Loss/Hair Fall in women?

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Hair Loss & hair Fall Prevention

Good day guys!

Hope all of you are doing well. Today’s post is about preventing hair fall or hair loss.Hair Fall/Hair Loss is one of the most common issues which this generation faces and the mental trauma we undergo because of it are beyond words. I encounter a minimum of 10 queries on this topic daily in most communities. It bothers almost everyone. Here are few of my thoughts, experiences and tips for preventing hair loss/Hair Fall.I hope it helps. Do not forget to share this with your friends.

How to handle hair loss/hair fall in women?

1)Figure out the reason behind your hair loss .Here are few possible reasons.


Genetic History – I don’t think this can be cured. Accept the fact and just try maintaining your hair volume.

Deficiency – Most women suffer from Vitamin D deficiency, iron deficiency and thyroid malfunction. Please get these checked and have proper medications.

Stress-Stop worrying. It is just hair not your life. Be happy. You will definitely see a change in your hair growth

Water – If your water is too much loaded with salts you will definitely suffer hair loss. Try using purified water at least for the final wash alone.

Food habits – Most women skip meals especially breakfast. Pardon me for being harsh. Please don’t expect nil hair fall if you skip breakfast or if you don’t eat on time or if you don’t eat right. We require a balanced diet. Most of us forget this.

Atmosphere – If you are exposed to too much dust or pollution or heat hair loss might occur. Try washing your hair frequently and safeguard from pollutants

Nature of work /Life style changes – People who work in oil/gas/mining industry, people who wear helmet or scarf constantly, people exposed to excess heat or radiation might suffer hair loss. Frequent transfer and frequent change in water used for hair wash is another reason.

Ditched the tradition-Most of us don’t continue the traditional oil bath. This is one main reason behind all illness. Weekly once oil bath(gingelly oil) is mandatory as per Tamil tradition. Do follow your own traditional ways according to your place and family.

Chemicals used /Parlor treatments
– Trying out every shampoo/oil/treatment which the TV or social media speaks out is one major reason for hair loss. Too much of chemicals, too many parlor treatments, usage of hair dyes /hair colors will eventually lead to excess hair loss one day. Try switching to natural products like shikakai , soap nuts or shampoos without SLE and parabens. This has helped me a lot.

Chronic illness /Medications – Few medicines are taken for long term illness lead to hair loss. In such a case be patient for at least six months after medication completion. Secondly Hair loss might be reason for some illness hidden inside. So have a complete medical check up done if you have some other symptoms too . DON’T ignore EVEN THE SMALLEST SYMPTOMS.

Natural reasons-Few natural body changes will result in hair loss. Eg. Post partum hair loss is common. You will be fine once you cross the phase. Don’t worry.


2)No oil/shampoo/herbs which are applied externally will help you in reducing hair loss without you maintaining a proper diet. Understanding and accepting this fact is the first step in fighting hair loss .Make changes in your food habits and life style before you try any new shampoo or oil or solution or tablet or anything.


*Have some drink(not water) within 30 minutes after you wake up.

*Have your breakfast within 2 hours after you wake up

*If possible include a handful of curry leaves, badam and dates in your daily diet

*Eat right, Eat on time .

*Blow out your stress balloon. Your stress will not change the world.

*Sleep for eight hours a day peacefully.

*Use natural products and stick on to local and traditional practices.

*Include legumes /sprouts /dhals in daily meal

*Avoid having hair wash in hot water

*If your water is hard try rinsing your hair with purified water at last.

*Don’t skip meals when you fight with anyone at home.

*Wash your combs regularly

*Wash your hair twice or thrice a week.

*Don’t comb wet hair. Don’t use dryers

*Include all seasonal and local veggies in your daily life.

*Have ample water. Expose yourself to ample sunlight and nature.

*Include an amla or lemon or sweet lime daily in your food after having dates or anjeer or any iron rich food.

*Small onion juice, aloe Vera gel, fenugreek seeds, curry leaves oil will only aid preventing hair loss if you eat right and live happy. Other wise they will only burn your pockets.

*Once you have made all good changes try a small hair cut and wait results. Your hair will definitely bounce.



I had suffered huge hair loss because of too much frequent changes of places after 2006.(More than 8-10 shifts in 10 years. I couldn’t help ). Luckily I had almost nil hair loss while I was pregnant and breastfeeding. Do you wonder why? Because I ate very properly for my baby. There was a phase when I skipped oil bath, when I stopped eating well, when I stressed myself a lot, when I tried every product recommended by every Tom, dick and Harry post breastfeeding. This is when I suffered huge huge hair loss. I slowly changed myself and now it is OK. Hence based on my experience I have shared my thoughts. Hope it helps someone. Share it if you find it useful but please do not copy /paste. I am definitely not at expert or a professional in this. I have just shared all my thoughts, knowledge and experience.


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