Healthy Bakes for Toddlers & Kids-No Refined Flour & Sugar

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Healthy Bakes For Toddlers & Kids:

Baking is always a bliss and great happiness. It adds up even more when it is 100% healthy. All of my cooking don’t include white sugar, white refined flours, milk and any unhealthy ingredients always. 99% of my blog recipes also fall into the same category only. Check all of my recipes here. My son loves to bake and loves those goodies even more.


I bake whenever he asks for some and resort to those as snack box option for that week. You can choose to make these during the weekend and use them for the next 3-4 days for the snack box. They are all healthy and you can be totally guilt-free about treating your kids with these. You can bake at home without an oven too. For details check my detailed article on the beginners guide here. Below are the recipes for wholesome cakes/cookies/muffins:(Click on individual images for detailed recipes)


Always have a word with your doctor before introducing any new food to babies


If you are a beginner, if you wish to bake at home check out my complete guide for beginners by clicking the below picture

Healthy Baking Basics-A beginners short guide to eggless baking


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