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Ragi Recipes For babies ,Toddlers and Kids|Finger Millet/Kezhvaragu/Nachini Recipes

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Ragi Recipes For Babies, Toddlers and Kids:

Ragi Recipes For babies, Toddlers and Kids-with detailed recipes

Ragi or Nachini or Finger Millet or Kezhvaragu is one of the millets and one of the oldest grains used by South Indians very commonly.It is one of the richest sources of non-diary calciums. It is also one of the common first foods for babies.Here is a comparison of wheat and ragi nutrition.Finger Millet helps in regulating blood sugars and helps to battle anaemia.Its fibre content aids digestion and regulates the cholesterol levels in the body.They are gluten-free too.

Food grain/Nutrient Carbo-hydrates (g) Protein(g) Fat(g) Energy (KCal) Crude fibre(g) Mineral matter(g) Calcium(mg) Phosphorus(mg) Iron(mg)
Finger millet 72 7.3 1.3 328 3.6 2.7 344 283 3.9
Foxtail millet 60.9 12.3 4.3 331 8 3.3 31 290 2.8
Kodo millet 65.9 8.3 1.4 309 9 2.6 27 188 0.5
Little millet 67 7.7 4.7 341 7.6 1.5 17 220 9.3
Pearl millet 67.5 11.6 5 361 1.2 2.3 42 296 8
Proso millet 70.4 12.5 1.1 341 2.2 1.9 14 206 0.8
Rice (raw, milled) 78.2 6.8 0.5 345 0.2 0.6 10 160 0.7
Sorghum 72.6 10.4 1.9 349 1.6 1.6 25 222 4.1
Wheat (whole) 71.2 11.8 1.5 346 1.2 1.5 41 306 5.3

(Source: Nutritive value of Indian foods, NIN, 2007)

Ragi Recipes For babies, Toddlers and Kids


Ragi as the first food for babies:


Ragi or Finger Millet is the most common first food for babies in Southern India. Ragi is so healthy and it can be offered to babies from six months. You can initially begin with porridges and then move to idly, paniyaram, roti and after one you can give cookies & cakes


Ragi Recipes For babies ,Toddlers and Kids

Ragi Recipes For Babies, Toddlers and Kids:


Find the collection of healthy, easy and yummy recipes with ragi below


Click on each image to check the detailed recipe:

Here is the list of recipes  with finger millet/ragi : (Click on the link to get the detailed recipe)

  1. Sprouted Ragi Porridge Mix
  2. Ragi Porridge
  3. Ragi Adai
  4. Eggless ragi pancake
  5. Instant Ragi Dosa
  6. Instant Wheat Ragi Dosa
  7. Ragi Milk Carrot halwa
  8. Ragi Pidi Kozhukkattai
  9. Pepper Ragi Balls
  10. Eggless Ragi Cake
  11. Eggless Ragi Choco chip Cake
  12. Eggless Ragi rajgira Cookies
  13. Eggless Palmsugar Ragi Cookies
  14. Ragi Choco balls-A no-bake recipe
  15. Ragi Idly
  16. Ragi Paniyaram


These can be given to babies above six months.

Skip salt and palm jaggery for babies below one year.

Please have a word with your doctor before introducing any new food to babies.

Ensure to have tried all the ingredients individually before trying this for babies.

Please consider all family history of allergies before trying any new food.

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