Ragi kali Recipe

Ragi Kali Recipe-Keppai Kali|Finger Millet Kali/Mudde

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Ragi Kali Recipe:

Hello readers, How are you doing? There was a short gap in my blogging owing to few health reasons and certain technical issues in running the site.I have been trying to get back to normalcy but somehow it just got postponed.It is scorching hot everywhere and Delhi touched 114 F last week. My best half was craving for the traditional Ragi Kali which is the most common food in South India and this Ragi Kali Recipe is a natural coolant. I haven’t so far tried this version of Ragi Kali. I took help of my in-laws over video call and made this. We have tasted koozh made of pearl millet and I love them so crazy. This Ragi Kali and Koozh have become my most favourite dishes now.I am even able to take it all three times a day. Trust me it is drool-worthy.

Ragi Kali Recipe:

Serves 4(2 for Kali & 2 for Koozh)


  • Broken Rice-1/4 cup
  • Ragi Flour-1 cup
  • Salt-To taste
  • Oil-2 tbsp
  • Water-2+4 cups

Ragi Kali Recipe



1.Measure and keep all ingredients ready.

2. Wash and soak the broken rice for 20 minutes.

ragi kali recipe

3. In a huge pan or pressure cooker add 4 cups of water and boil it with some salt.

4. Dissolve the ragi flour in 2 cups of water without lumps.

ragi kali recipe

5. As soon as the water boils add the soaked broken rice after draining the excess water.

6. Close and cook until it turns completely soft. Add oil now.

ragi kali recipe

7. Now reduce the flame to low and add the ragi+water mixture to the rice.

8. Stir simultaneously to avoid lump formation.

ragi kali recipe

9. Cook by stirring until the water is absorbed.

10. Stop cooking when the mixture doesn’t stick to your wet palms. This will hardly take 10 minutes.

ragi kali recipe

11. You can either gather them as a ball and serve or serve it as such.

ragi kali recipe

12. The ragi kali goes well with any vatha kulambu,sambhar or even plain shallots,buttermilk chilly and fryums.

Ragi Kali Recipe



This Ragi Kali recipe is slightly varied from the Karnataka way of making Ragi Mudde.

Dissolving /Mixing the flour with water helps in quick cooking. Traditionally the flour should be added to the boiling water and stirred continuously.

Adding oil helps in easy stirring. You can skip it too.

The consistency is almost loose and it thickens as the ragi kali cools.

Skip salt for babies below 1 year.

I have used broken raw rice. You can use the normal boiled rice or choose to skip it too.

This Ragi Kali recipe is the precursor to Ragi Koozh Recipe.

Ensure to have introduced all items before and eliminate allergies.

Always have a word with your doctor before introducing any new food to babies.

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Ragi Kali Recipe


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