Whole Wheat Pasta

Cheesy Corn Fusilli-Whole Wheat Pasta

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Cheesy Corn Fusilli-Whole Wheat Pasta:

I am a die-hard fan of pasta/macaroni especially the cheesy white sauce ones. You may even notice that one of my earliest posts was white sauce pasta. Like Mother, Like son- This little miracle of us also loves pasta varieties. When he began exploring and loving them I had to look deeper into the nutrition details of the pasta because most of them are maida/refined flour based. Initially, I had a belief that durum wheat pasta was better when compared to maida based ones. But unfortunately, it is not so 100%. Whole wheat pasta is the best in terms of nutrition.

Why should I opt for whole wheat pasta?

Pasta made from whole wheat flour(not durum wheat) will contain three layers namely bran, germ and endosperm and these make them more nutritive. It has two times more fiber, three times more vitamins and lots of minerals than the refined ones. Now tell me which one would you choose?  Since pasta is a very favourite food among kids I would recommend you prefer the best available in terms of nutrition especially if you make them often. The colour and taste might not differ very much. As I avoid all refined foods I started exploring about whole wheat pasta and noodles even though they are prepared once in a while. Fab India has a range of whole wheat pasta variants.

Few parents have asked us if we are overprotective by making very stringent choices regarding our food. No, We aren’t. We follow a lifestyle which is more like our grandparents to the best possible extent and we try to incorporate healthy choices when it comes to new age foods. We do relish outside meals without considering the inclusion of refined products as it happens once in a blue moon without a little one too. It is just about doing our best as much as possible and not about perfection.

Cheesy Corn Fusilli-Whole Wheat Pasta:


  • Fusili-1 cup
  • Corn Kernels-1/2 cup
  • Salt-To taste
  • Oil-To cook
  • Pepper-As per taste
  • Cheese-1 cube
  • Butter-1 tsp
  • Italian Herbs-To season

Whole Wheat Pasta



1. Measure all ingredients and keep them ready.

2. In a wide bottomed pan 3 cups of water and let it boil.

Whole Wheat Pasta

3. Add a dollop of oil and a little salt.

4. Cook the pasta till it turns to al dente form.

Whole Wheat Pasta

5. Strain it and run over in cold water. Set them aside.

6. Steam cook corn kernels.

Whole Wheat Pasta

7. In a pan add butter and when it melts completely add a cheese cube and the cooked pasta.

8. Add the steamed corn kernels and give a quick toss with little salt.

Whole Wheat Pasta

9. Season with Italian Herbs or Pepper and serve it warm.

Whole Wheat Pasta


I used Amul Cheese Cubes and Amul Butter.

For babies, less than one year or for kids who demand this often use homemade butter and homemade cheese.

You can also make the white sauce as per this recipe if you wish a saucy version.

Consult with your doctor before offering any new food to the baby.

Consider the family history of allergies before introducing any new food to baby

Be sure to have eliminated doubts of allergies of each ingredient before offering this to the baby.

Skip salt if the baby is below one year.

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Whole Wheat Pasta


  1. Hi Kalyani.. I like your kitchen kathukutty blog and fb page.. I like your healthy recipes very much. I tried many recipes and it came out well.. kindly tell me where I can get whole wheat pasta and noodles.. online purchase is preferable for me as I stay in outer area of chennai

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