Homemade Jam Recipes For Toddlers & Kids-No Sugar Recipes

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Homemade Jam Recipes For Toddlers & Kids-No Sugar Recipes:

There is no kid who isn’t fond of jams and there is no parent who is scared about preservatives. I am definitely one among the parents and also the kids.Yes.A huge fan of Jam is here. My little one was not introduced to any jams until he was two plus. The first jam he had was the strawberry dates jam & he just wiped the jar clean.

Homemade Jam Recipes For Toddlers & Kids-No Sugar Recipes:

From then I have been attempting different methods to make jam at home with various ingredients and most importantly wanted to keep them white sugar and preservatives free. The Pineapple which was my latest try has stayed perfect for almost 4-5 months. That’s when I decided to collate and share all homemade jam recipes for my fellow friends. I hope you know that www.kitchenkathukutty.com sticks to a principle of not using refined/processed ingredients in the recipes(white sugar/maida etc)


Why should you opt for store-bought preservatives & artificial colours/flavours loaded product if a healthy homemade jam can taste super yummy and stay perfect for 4-5 months? Please find the recipe of each jam by clicking on the picture or on the link.

Pineapple Jam(Click this/on the image For the RECIPE)

Homemade Jam Recipes for toddlers & Kids

Mixed Fruits Jam-No Sweetener (Click this/on the image For the RECIPE)

homemade mixed fruits jam

Apple Jam (Click this/on the image For the RECIPE)

home made apple jam

STRAWBERRY JAM(Click this/on the image For the RECIPE)

strawberry jam recipe

Mango Jam (Click this/on the image For the RECIPE)

homemade mango jam

Dates Strawberry Jam:(Click this/on the image For the RECIPE)

Carrot Beetroot Jam (Click this/on the image)

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The mixed fruits jam has no sweetener. So it is safe for even babies above 6 months.

The shelf life of each jam depends upon the ingredients, usage, storage and cooking procedure. So is the colour & texture.

The texture is attained as you take it out of refrigeration, give a stir and then store. The glossy texture is obtained only when I repeated the same again & again.

The texture & colour depends on the sweetener used too.

Please sterilise the containers before storing.

Do not store in wet or non-sterilised containers.

Store in an airtight glass jar after completely cooling them down.

Thought these jams are healthy and preservative free, kindly do not offer this too often


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