Chola Paniyaram|Sorghum Dumplings|Sola Paniyaram- Sweet/Karupatti Paniyaram

Chola Paniyaram|Sorghum Dumplings|Sola Paniyaram:

How did you like the spicy version Sorghum Paniyaram and the other collection of paniyarams? We had friends for dinner and they loved them. They were loving the health quotient and yummy taste. Hope you would also love more millet recipes which kids will love. Today’s is a sweet version made with palm jaggery just like kambu/bajra paniyaram and palm jaggery paniyaram

Chola Paniyaram|Sorghum Dumplings|Sola Paniyaram

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To make Batter:

  • Sorghum/Cholam- 1 cup
  • Black Urad Dhal-Less than 1/2 cup

To make Paniyaram:

  • Karupatti/Palm jaggery-1/2 cup(grated)
  • Cashews-10(finely chopped)
  • Salt-To taste
  • Oil-To cook

Chola Paniyaram|Sorghum Dumplings|Sola Paniyaram


1. Measure the ingredients and keep them ready.

Chola Paniyaram Recipe

2. Wash sorghum & black urad dhal well.

3. Soak them together for 5 hours.

Chola Paniyaram Recipe

4. After 5 hours, Drain the water and grind into a batter.

5. Allow the batter to ferment. (Maybe overnight or 4 hours)

6. Add the grated karuppatti and chopped cashews and mix it well



7. Heat the paniyara kadai and add a drop of oil/ghee in each hole.

8. Pour the batter carefully in all holes and cook by closing it with a lid.

9. Turn the paniyaram and cook the other side too.

10. Serve the yummy Chola Karupatti Paniyaram hot.


I skipped fenugreek seeds but still, it was fluffy.

Rinse and wash sorghum as many times as possible.

The batter should either rise up or have millions of pores when whisked if fermented well.

Do not add much water while grinding the batter.

Add salt only when you are about to prepare the paniyaram.

Adding ghee instead of oil enhances the taste.

Always have a word with your paediatrician before introducing new food to babies

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