CTM Routine with Natural Ingredients(Cleansing,Toning & Moisturising)

CTM Routine with Natural Ingredients:

CTM Routine with Natural Ingredients- Here is a post which will talk about the most important step of your daily skin care routine and it is CTM Routine. It is nothing but Cleansing, Toning and Moisturising. I never thought I would be addressing this topic too but basic skin care also falls under “creating healthier lives” .My Instagram will have regular posts on natural care and one such post is here today too. This is a long post. Kindly don’t start without completely reading the post

CTM Routine with Natural Ingredients:

Are you following the 30-day snack recipes? Before I commence penning down, I would like to say I am no expert or a professional. I am just sharing what I have learnt so far and have experienced. This is no way a replacement to a dermatologist piece of advice. The main reason for sharing this post is to shed some light on using only natural ingredients for beauty care. There were requests from these two groups Skin Love & Kitchen Kathukutty for a detailed post.

I have mostly been away from all store-bought beauty care/cosmetics and I am a zero makeup person. The major reason being, most products are loaded with harmful chemicals and all of these end up as non-biodegradable dump on Mother Earth. I sincerely believe in sustainable and less waste living and we as a family keep doing our best in the least possible way

CTM Routine

How did this all start?

CTM is a very famous topic in skin care and beauty care. I had been only following OCM(oil cleansing method) and as my age clock ticked 30 years I thought it is high time to also add CTM to my routine. There are a million products available in the market for CTM but I was not ready to stick to anything which adds to landfill. Hence the hunt for CTM with natural ingredients began. After hours of work and extensive reading/learning, I found apt products for my skin. My skin is normal skin and the below is what I follow. CTM can be followed for both men and women by choosing the right products(natural/store bought) suiting the unique individual skin type.

Disclaimer: I am either not an expert nor a professional. This piece of information is shared from my experience. This is not a replacement for any medical advice. Each skin type is unique. So please don’t follow them blindly without ample research by you. What worked for you might not work me and vice versa.

CTM Routine

What is CTM?

CTM stands for Cleansing. Toning and Moisturising.


Cleansing is the only step most of us follow as skin care. But the cleansing part of CTM is more than using a mere face wash on the face. It ensures to remove all dirt from your skin. If you wear makeup or live in a polluted area I would suggest double cleansing too.

What is my Cleanser?

As I have mentioned before I combine OCM and CTM. I prefer to double cleanse on days when I am out in pollution and dust. My skin type is normal

I dab a few drops of safflower oil on my skin and massage. After 2 minutes I wipe it off with a wet cotton cloth or cotton. This is the first cleansing. You can use an oil which will suit your skin tone and wipe off your make up with this step. Washing with water is not mandatory after this.

Click the link to buy cold pressed safflower oil:https://amzn.to/2FjHsGp

You can also use raw milk instead of oil for cleansing. The second cleaning I do is with Aloe vera Gel. I apply and massage on my face and allow it to dry. After 3 minutes, I wash with plain water. Below is the recipe for homemade aloe vera gel.

Home Made Aloe Vera Gel Recipe:

CTM Routine

1. Cut the aloe vera leaves

2.Wash it 7 times, until the yellow liquid is washed away or soak it water as such

3. Carefully cut the thorny corner of the leaves.

4. Cut into two halves.

CTM Routine

5. Scoop the gel with a spoon.

6. Blend in a mixer.

CTM Routine

7.Refrigerate in a glass container

home made aloe vera gel

Do not store this for more than a week. My plant came out from the pot and so I used it as such. Otherwise cut out few leaves and use.

This is for those who cannot source natural aloe vera https://amzn.to/2FkTLST


Toning is a step where you dab or spray 2 to 5 drops of toner on your face and allow it to get absorbed by your skin. It helps in clearing out the dirt which can’t be removed by your cleanser helps in firming the open pores of the skin and in maintaining the pH of the skin and makes your skin supple. It keeps skin hydrated. Toning is a must do step especially in summers. I follow a 7 step toning method which is a part of Korean Skin Care routine. This miracle was suggested by the lovely woman behind Cake Moments.



What is 7 step toning?

The normal toning procedure is to dab or spray the toner just once on your skin and allow it to get absorbed. But here instead of once, we spray 7 times and every time we let the skin to absorb the toner. This totally repairs your skin and the glow you experience will be amazing. Follow 7 steps toning only before bedtime. Morning you can stick on to one-time toning alone. You also spray it on a cloth and apply on your face too.

Here are the recipes of two toners I use. Choose either of the ones which suit you

Home Made Mint Toner Recipe:

1. Clean few mints leaves by soaking in water.

2.Boil water in a saucepan(say for 1/4 cup leaves, use 2 cups water)

CTM routine

3. Add the leaves (The stem can also be added).

4. Boil for 5 to 7 minutes.

5. Filter and cool down.

CTM routine

6.Refrigerate in a glass container

Home Made Neem+Tulsi Toner Recipe:

1. Clean 10 tulsi leaves and a handful of neem leaves by soaking in water.

2.Boil water in a saucepan(say for 1/4 cup leaves, use 2 cups water)

CTM routine

3. Add the leaves.

4. Boil for 5 to 7 minutes.

5. Filter and cool down.

CTM routine

6.Refrigerate in a glass container

CTM routine

Do not store these for more than a week.

CTM routine


The most crucial step of CTM is moisturising. Your moisturizer protects your skin and locks the benefits of the entire CTM process in your skin. This step will keep your skin hydrated and also restore essential nutrients

I use either homemade aloe vera gel or safflower oil or virgin coconut oil as a moisturiser. After the 7 th time toning, gently massage the moisturiser on your face when your skin is damp.

Here is the link for safflower oil which I use.Click and buy from here

CTM is over.

Why CTM?

CTM routine is required to remove all dirt and pollutants for your face, replenishes and rejuvenates your skin and helps in delaying the ageing of your skin.

How often and when should I do CTM?

Twice a day for your face. Preferably after the bath in the morning and before bedtime.


Kindly do a patch test always.

Fix your skin type and choose the products accordingly.

The above regime suited my skin and it might not work for others. So kindly do a patch test and proceed with a regular routine.

Following CTM once a day has made a great change to my skin.

CTM will do wonders along with the right lifestyle.

Here is a suggestion for Oily & Dry Skin with natural ingredients:

Dry Skin:

Cleanser:Raw Milk

Toner: Green tea

Moisturizer: Coconut oil or olive oil or Safflower oil

Oily Skin:

Cleanser:Lemon juice

Toner: Cucumber extract or rose water

M: Aloe vera gel

Steaming twice a week is recommended for oily skin.

Please use old cotton clothes or cotton in cleansing instead of the cotton pads you get in stores. The cotton pads are again not biodegradable.

Do not store the gel or toner beyond the mentioned number of days.

Kindly refrigerate the ingredients immediately after use.

Bring the ingredients to room temperature before use.

I add a serum before my moisturiser and it is also homemade. I shall share them in two weeks. By the time you can experiment and make your skin gets used with a CTM routine.

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