Dominos Style Garlic Bread Recipe

Dominos Style Garlic Bread Recipe-Whole Wheat Flour

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Dominos Style Garlic Bread Recipe:

I have been hunting for a healthy version of dominos style garlic bread since the maida scares me and taste tempt me. Two days back my son urged me to resume baking and I thought of making a healthy version of Cheesy Garlic Bread of Dominos. As usual, before attempting a bake, I made a huge research and came up with this recipe. The base idea is from here

Dominos Style Garlic Bread Recipe:

I made a few mistakes and I have changed them in the recipe written below. If you are baking for the first time please read my tips here and your manual well before beginning. Finish reading the recipe with the pointers in P.S section before you attempt. I have tried my best to give all the fine details. In case of any doubts drop me a query. You will see variations in colours in the images due to the light I had. Here you go with the beginners’ attempt of making cheesy garlic bread.

Dominos Style Garlic Bread Recipe



Makes 2

For the dough:

  • Warm water-1/4 cup
  • Sugar-1 tsp
  • Active dry yeast-1 tsp
  • Wheat flour-1 cup
  • Salt-To taste
  • Water-to knead dough
  • Oil-1 tbsp & grease

To Garnish:

  • Italian Herbs-1 tbsp
  • Chilly Flakes-To garnish

For the stuffing:

  • Garlic-6(crushed well)
  • Coriander chopped-1 tbsp
  • Butter-2.5 tbsp
  • Mozarella Cheese-2 tbsp

Dominos Style Garlic Bread Recipe

Dominos Style Garlic Bread Recipe:


1. Measure and keep all the ingredients ready.

2.Sieve whole wheat flour for 5-8 times. This will help in getting a soft, less dense bread.

Dominos Style Garlic Bread Recipe

3. In a bowl add the sugar and dissolve in warm water.

4. Now add the yeast and completely dissolve it. The water must be warm and not hot/lukewarm.

5. Close and keep the dissolved yeat solution for 15 minutes.

6. It would have turned frothy.

7. Now add the yeast mixture to flour+salt+italian herbs.

Dominos Style Garlic Bread Recipe

8. Add water and make a slightly sticky dough.

Dominos Style Garlic Bread Recipe

9. Stretch and knead well for 10-15 minutes until the dough becomes completely non-sticky. Place the dough on a flat surface and stretch and knead again and again to reach the non-sticky dough form. Dust with some flour if necessary. This is a crucial step.

10. Close and keep the dough for 30 minutes to 2-3 hours (Till the dough doubles up). The time will depend on the atmospheric temperature.


11. Now let’s prepare the stuffing. Grate the cheese and keep it ready

Dominos Style Garlic Bread Recipe

12. Take melted butter and mix coriander leaves and crushed garlic with it.

Dominos Style Garlic Bread Recipe

13. After the dough has risen, knead them together and make two balls as shown below.

14. Preheat the OTG(mine is Morphy Richards) at 150 degrees for 10 minutes. To bake in a cooker or a kadai , add salt to the cooker or kadai and place a stand on it and cover it (No whistle/No gasket in cooker) and keep it in medium flame for 10 minutes.

Grease a tray with butter and keep it ready.

15. Flatten the dough into thickly layered roti.

16. Grease it with the butter+garlic mixture. Leave out the outer most 0.5 cm circumference. We need this space for sealing

Dominos Style Garlic Bread Recipe

17. Place the cheese on one half of the circle.

18. Carefully close the other side and seal by dabbing some water (Just like how we do for samosas). Don’t press hard.

Dominos Style Garlic Bread Recipe

19. Now grease the bread with butter mixture and drizzle some Italian herbs/chilly flakes.

20. Gently cut (just run the knife and no deep cut) on the folded bread.

21. Bake at 150-180 degrees for 10-15 minutes in OTG. In cooker or kadai place the tray and close and cook for 10-15 minutes in medium flame.

Dominos Style Garlic Bread Recipe

22. Check for doneness after 10 minutes.

23. After baking .cool on the cooling rack.

Dominos Style Garlic Bread Recipe

24. Dominos Style Garlic Bread is ready. Please keep watching this space for the recipe of stuffed garlic bread .


Kindly don’t alter the ingredients or the quantity if you are experimenting for the first time.

I used fresh yeast from Blue Bird.

The more you sieve the softer and fluffy the cake would be when you don’t use maida or refined flours.

Go through the manual to fix the preheat temperature and timings and mode.

I didn’t have stock of Mozarella but only it will give you that gooey texture.

Be generous in greasing the bread with the butter+garlic mixture. That is the key for the flavour.

If the yeast doesn’t froth as I have shown please discard and use a new one.

Kneading and stretching the dough is the crucial part.

I used gingelly oil.

Please have a word with your doctor before introducing any new food to babies.

Dominos Style Garlic Bread Recipe

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  1. Hi

    May I know which brand of wheat flour used?
    Will it turn good with ashirwad? Pls let me know.

  2. Hi !
    What is the quantity of instant yeast can I use instead of active yeast?


  3. Can we use maida??? And pls tell me settings you used in ur otg Murphy Richards….did you switch to bake or toast or grill mode for baking this garlic I have same Murphy Richards otg.Thanks

  4. In the two balls of dough, can we keep one in fridge and use the next day? Or both of them should be done on the same day?

  5. Hi, thank you for the recipe. Will definitely try it out. Wanted to check … is there only one proofing done in the recipe ? Most recipes show a second proofing after shaping.

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