40+ Dosa Variety Recipes| Instant Dosa , Pancakes , Adai Recipes

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40+ Dosa Variety Recipes:

Dosa is an Indian, typically south Indian crepe kind dish. You can make n variety of dosa recipes and here is a collection of 40+ Dosa Variety Recipes from my blog. Kindly bookmark this page as I will keep this collection updated regularly. Many of them are instant and doesn’t need fermentation too. Will that be convenient for you to make?

40+ Dosa Variety Recipes:

Each dosa has a unique taste and a different set of ingredients. Most of the variants I have shared here is without fermentation. I have made them colourful and healthy by adding vegetables and several combinations of pulses. Hence you have a nutrient-rich variety of dosa, adai, pancake recipes.

Dosa Recipes

The most common variety of dosa is made with this batter. You can use the batter to make onion dosa, ghee roast, paper roast and a lot of variety. Some household has the habit of grinding dosa and idly batter with separate proportions too. Click on each name to get detailed recipe.

Dosa Varieties:


  1. Keerai Dosa
  2. Chola Dosa
  3. Cucumber Dosa
  4. Pumpkin Dosa
  5. Kurunai Dosa
  6. Radish Dosa
  7. Buckwheat Pancakes
  8. Kal Dosa
  9. Saamai Kuthiraivalli Dosa/Little millet Barnyard millet dosa
  10. Double decker sweet Dosa
  11. Rava(White sooji) Dosa
  12. Godhuma(Wheat) Dosa
  13. Surraikkai(Bottlegourd) Dos
  14. Vazhaithandu(Plantain Pith) Dosa
  15. Vendhaya(Fenugreek) Dosa
  16. Thakkali(Tomato) Dosa
  17. Green Peas Dosa(Pattani Dosai)
  18. Gobi Masala Roast(Cauliflower Masala Dosai)
  19. Green Gram/Whole Moong Bean Dosa
  20. Instant Ragi Dosa/Instant Finger Millet Dosa/Instant Kelvaragu Dosai/Instant Nacchini ka dosa
  21. Instant Chola Dosa/Jowar Dosa
  22. Moong dhal Dosa
  23. Moong dhal Uthappam/Chilla
  24. Ragi Pancake
  25. Set Dosa
  26. Instant Masala Bread Uthappam-No Fermentation Required
  27. Instant Atta Ragi Dosa
  28. Masala Dosa|Masala Roast
  29. Instant Multigrain Dosa/Instant Sathumaavu Dosai
  30. Instant Vegetable Dosa/Instant Beetroot Dosa
  31. Whole Wheat Pancakes

Adai Varieties:

  1. Varagu Arisi Adai
  2. Sweet Ragi Adai
  3. Ragi Keerai Adai
  4. Suraikkai (Bottlegourd) Adai
  5. Adai
  6. Mupparuppu(Three Dhals) Adai
  7. Varutha Paruppu Suraikkai Adai/Lauki Chilla
  8. Maravallikilangu Adai/Tapioca Chilla
  9. Five Taste Uthappam
  10. Navratan Dhal Adai

Tips :

Prefer an iron dosa pan for perfect crispy dosa.

Grease the tawa very with oil.

If the recipe calls for closing one side and cooking, please follow so.

Be careful while diluting the batter.

Adjust spices as per your taste.

You can skip the salt and reduce spices and give to babies above 6 months.

Always have a word with your doctor before introducing new food to babies

Dosa Recipes

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