Fruit Popsicle recipe

Fruit Popsicle recipe:

The fruit popsicle recipe comes as a rescue for teething kids and kids who refuse eating fruits. Making them is very easy and the variations you can give is also innumerable. For summer snacks this is a very simple recipe and you don’t need any huge list of fancy ingredients and there are no processes involved too. You can check summerspecial food recipes here

Fruit Popsicle recipe:

Our childhood days summer holidays would take us to those Pepsi ice pops and the ball ice. I still miss them. You can make these at home and enjoy with your kids.


Makes 2-3 pops

  • Tender Coconut water-1/2 cup
  • Cut fruits-3/4 cup

I used pomegranate, figs, sapota, oranges and strawberry

Fruit pops recipe

Fruit Popsicle recipe:


1. Measure and keep the tender coconut water.

2. Add the fruit pieces.

Fruit pops recipe

3. Pour to a popsicle mould and seal with aluminium foil.

Fruit pops recipe

4. Freeze for 4-6 hours.

5. Demould by showing in running water.

Fruit pops recipe

6. Enjoy the fruit pops.

Fruit pops recipe


You can do the same in paper cup if you don’t have the popsicle moulds.

You can change the fruits according to your taste.


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