Vegetable Soup Recipe For Toddlers & Kids

Vegetable Soup Recipe:

There may be many soup recipes except beetroot ,sweet corn,spinach and almond turnip soup on the blog as I am not a great lover of soups and little one prefers whole vegetables to soups. You might think that what is so new about a vegetable soup recipe. There is something unique. There is no vegetable stock , no thickening agents like corn flour. You need just two major ingredients and this is most nutritious vegetable soup you can make ,just in a jiffy.

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Let us now checkout the recipe of vegetable soup with no corn flour , no vegetable broth/stock , no milk .

Vegetable Soup Recipe (Serves 2)

A soup in just 10 minutes with amazing taste and enriched nutrition. The idea came in flick of a second to my man and we tried out.


  • Pearl Millet Stock- 1 cup

(Kambu Sadham Vadicha Kanji)

  • Vegetables-1/2 cup
  • Pepper- To garnish
  • Salt-To taste

What vegetables can I add?

You can add diced carrots, beans , spring onions , cabbage , sweet corn and onions. I have added carrots , beans and more sweet corn as little one loves it so much.

What can I replace pearl millet stock with?

You can use vegetable stock or broth . You can add water and thicken with coconut milk or some corn flour mixed in water or mashed potatoes or almond paste.

Should I necessarily steam the vegetables?

I always prefer steaming vegetables to boiling or pressure cooking as steaming retains the nutrients intact and the colours/texture with steaming is brilliant. All of the vegetable fry or curry recipes of mine will have steaming as an integral part since I trust steaming is the best way to keep the nutrition locked. You may also saute them in butter and cook in the stock if you wish.

vegetable soup recipe

Vegetable Soup Recipe


1.Open cook pearl millet/bajra/kambu and remove the leftover water.

2.Steam cook the vegetables.

vegetable soup

3.Take the kambu vadicha kanji/pearl millet stock in a sauce pan.

4.Add the steamed vegetables to this along with salt and crushed pepper.

5.Let it boil for 5 minutes.

vegetable soup recipe

6.Vegetable soup is ready. Serve with some pepper and a dollop of butter.

vegetable soup recipe


You won’t have any taste difference.

The taste and nutrition is highly enhanced and enriched.

You can offer this for babies above one year.

For babies below one year, soups aren’t recommended on a regular basis.

You can skip salt for babies below six months.

You may saute some ginger garlic paste initially and then add the stock of pearl millet.

vegetable soup recipe

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