strawberry jam recipe

Strawberry Jam Recipe for toddlers and kids-No white sugar No preservatives

Strawberry Jam Recipe:

This strawberry jam was made 4 months ago and I have few spoons remaining and today I am posting the recipe of the strawberry jam without pectin or any preservatives for your toddlers and kids. Are you trying out CTM as suggested? How is it working? There are a lot of sugarless and no preservative jam recipes already posted here Continue reading “Strawberry Jam Recipe for toddlers and kids-No white sugar No preservatives”

Homemade serum for glowing face-Flaxseed gel recipe

Homemade serum for face:

Homemade serum for the face with step by step images and procedure-As I had mentioned in CTM post to share the serum recipe for glowing face after a few days(once your skin is used to CTM process).The recipe below can be stored for a month in an airtight container and can be used for your skin and hair. I have incorporated this into my daily CTM routine. So CTSM is my routine. Come let’s check out the recipe.

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tender coconut icecream recipe

Tender Coconut Icecream Recipe

Tender Coconut Icecream Recipe:

Tender Coconut Icecream recipe was experimented along with vegan mango ice cream and other popsicles. My son relished them all and he keeps talking about them even now after two months. I just played with the ingredients and the final outcome came out so well. I have tasted a similar one from Naturals, Hyderabad and it was my longtime wish to recreate a closer version at home. Continue reading “Tender Coconut Icecream Recipe”

mixed dal mini bonda recipe

Mixed Dal Mini Bonda Recipe

Mixed Dal Mini Bonda:

Mixed dal mini bonda is what my son had for his snack box today. The toughest challenge for parents is incorporating nutritious options in kids daily meal . To make something kid friendly and dense in nutrition will never be a challenge for you with This recipe instantly sparked in me today morning and it took me less than 15 minutes only. Continue reading “Mixed Dal Mini Bonda Recipe”

No Deep Fry Moong Lobia Vada Recipe

No Deep Fry Moong Lobia Vada Recipe

No Deep Fry Moong Lobia Vada Recipe:

No deep fry moong lobia vada recipe-A vada without deep frying.Yes! I had planned to make thai rice noodles for my son’s snack box today. But there was some yellow moong and lobia(black-eyed beans) in excess which I had soaked overnight. So I thought I should try something with them. And then came up this wonderful recipe. The guys had the battle to partition them and I was left with just a piece. Continue reading “No Deep Fry Moong Lobia Vada Recipe”

CTM Routine

CTM Routine with Natural Ingredients(Cleansing,Toning & Moisturising)

CTM Routine with Natural Ingredients:

CTM Routine with Natural Ingredients- Here is a post which will talk about the most important step of your daily skin care routine and it is CTM Routine. It is nothing but Cleansing, Toning and Moisturising. I never thought I would be addressing this topic too but basic skin care also falls under “creating healthier lives” .My Instagram will have regular posts on natural care and one such post is here today too. This is a long post. Kindly don’t start without completely reading the post

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Pumpkin Sticks Recipe

Pumpkin Sticks Recipe For Babies,Toddlers and Kids

Pumpkin Sticks Recipe For Babies, Toddlers and Kids:

Pumpkin Sticks Recipe For Babies, Toddlers and Kids with step by step images and procedure- I love pumpkins and my son loves wedges and hence the combo idea gave birth to this Pumpkin Sticks Recipe.I am posting a set of 30 healthy snacks for 30 days and this is the recipe for day 6. All that this dish will take is a maximum of 10 minutes. But trust me kids will love them.

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roasted makhana recipe for babies,toddlers and kids

Roasted Makhana Recipe|Pepper Roasted Lotus Seeds

Roasted Makhana Recipe For Toddlers & Kids:

Roasted Makhana Recipe For Toddlers & Kids with nutritional benefits & recipe- Roasted makhana seeds recipe is similar to our popular snack popcorns. We started munching on them when we found them very common in all dry fruit shops of Cochin. Researching more enabled me to explore the health benefits and our son started loving it too. But I am drafting the recipe only after 3 years.

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mambazha mor kuzhambu

Mambazha Mor Kuzhambu Recipe|Mango Yogurt Curry

Mambazha Mor Kuzhambu Recipe:

Mambazha Mor Kuzhambu Recipe with step by step images and detailed procedure

Last weekend when I was casually looking my WhatsApp, this mambazha mor kuzhambu recipe by my beloved friend Sridevi who is a wildlife photographer and a big-time elephant enthusiast. I always struggle with mor kulambu but I love it, especially this version from amma. The picture she had shared was so tempting and I asked her for the recipe. She detailed me the recipe in no time and it became our yummy lunch today. I made slight variations to the recipe 🙂

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