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Dear Reader! 🙂

Welcome to Kitchen Kathukutty! A very special thanks for dropping by my blog. This is  Kalyani Balaji, a happy homemaker and a mother of 10 11 months 1 2 3 4 5 6 years old naughty little munchkin. My educational background tags me as a software engineer cum an information systems management professional.” Enjoy every moment of life in your own way” & “Do good! Be good !” are the basic foundation principles of my life. I enjoy reading, talking, writing, listening, observing, hearing music, making friends, loving true souls, sharing, being the reason for someone’s smile and of course “Cooking Healthy & Eating”.

“FOOD”-The most important basic need of every single human being. We all run towards something in life. But ultimately our first and prime job would be satisfying our hunger. Few tongues drool even when they hear the name of a dish. In an attempt to share my cooking experiences I am beginning it here, via my blog. The blog is under construction and I am an absolute beginner in blogging. But “Continuous Improvement” is what I aim at. I wish I make a difference by having a purpose behind my cooking and blogging. So what is that PURPOSE of Kitchen Kathukutty? “Creating Healthier Lives”

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            From the day I began cooking, I have totally refrained myself from including the white devils “white sugar,refined flours(maida),milk,table salt” in my kitchen as much as possible unless a recipe strictly demands its usage. I totally avoid using any processed/packed food items like white sooji,atta,oats,corn flakes,biscuits in my daily routine for my family. In this entire blog I would constrain the use of the above said elements to 90% as of now and I pledge to make my blog completely free of these in due course and hence totally accomplishing my purpose. If there is a recipe in my blog containing any of  these please ensure to bring in your kitchen only once in a blue moon. Baby foods will not contain any traces of these.You may ask me why.

            There is only one answer from me “THEY ARE >100%(I mean more than hundred percent UNHEALTHY”. Surf the net or reach a bookshop and I am sure you would find innumerable articles/videos/books on this. My doctors(truly noble souls) highlighted me to restrict the usage of these and I found a significant change in the health of everybody in the family. Now the call is yours. If you wish to know the alternatives I use please click here.You may wonder why I had included this point after such a long time. I had mentioned already all these under “ENHANCE YOUR EXPERIMENTS” but I didn’t have a great push to write down these in my introduction paragraph till I got in touch with Chef Hema,from Tirunelveli(A Loyolaite and a fellow blogger)

avoid whites

I read this somewhere and it absolutely matched my thoughts on food.

“Food should either directly come from Mother Earth/Nature to us or directly come from Mother Earth/Nature to kitchen and then to us. If something from Mother Earth/Nature reaches an industry/processing plant for a huge processing/preparation before reaching our kitchen/stomach it is definitely not fit to be food” .

What say friends?Take your call.

-Added on 29-June-2015



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Kitchen Kathukutty

I would be honoured to know your feedback and suggestions. Your motivating and encouraging words will help me in going forward and grow leaps and bounds. The construction of the blog is ongoing and I shall keep adding on my inputs as and when time/my baby permits. All recipes shared fall into two categories viz., authentic recipes passed in the family for generations and my trials. My pictures are purely from my smartphone without much of editing. Kindly tolerate me for all “non-DSLR” images. I am still contemplating the purchase of DSLR thinking of my carbon footprint and its need as an essential.

Please do not forget to stay tuned with me by liking my Facebook page here or follow me on Twitter or Pinterest or Instagram or join my exclusive women group here. You can also receive all my recipes in your mailbox by providing your mail id here. Do share this with your kith and kin. If you have a picture of a recipe tried from my blog kindly share with me. I shall share them on my page.

Do follow the blog and post your comments on my recipes. Please feel free to write to me at kitchenkathukutty@gmail.com.I am providing you with a form here to provide your recommendations to me wherein you can write to me for adding a recipe of your choice, category of your interest/need or any helpful tips for me to improve. Hope you enjoy my blog.:)

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Mrs.Balaji & Mr.Kalyani have just commenced another space www.allthatweliketoshare.wordpress.com . If you are interested in reading tamil stories and parenting/pregnancy/baby care related topics,please take a look .



336 thoughts on “A note from kitchen kathukutty:)

  1. Good one Kalyani. good thought of blogging..

    I appreciate your thoughts.. keep up your good work babe..

    All the Best.. kathukutty…

      1. Dear Kalyani you are the rocking star of St. IGNATIUS. Where ever you went and what ever you did I and we teachers heard very good of you.
        I am 100% confidence in you. What you touch will flourish. Wish you all the very best
        My heart is filled with joy to see my child as super star

  2. Great Start and Absolutely long way to go buddy…

    Definitely you are intellectual and you rock in all you attempt. Wish you all success and become the Master Chef in near future.

    Do help all the working Mom’s to prepare something really fast and healthy too… 🙂


  3. Good start kalyani 🙂 expecting more recipes, so that we (small kathukutty’s) will know more…. All the best dear 🙂

  4. Please start off soon with the recipes… i would love to experiment on them… Although you are a great cook Akka.. i miss eating them 🙁

  5. Grt work kals, a very much needed blog for me to stimulate my little bundle Saha’s taste buds. Keep blogging more recipes for ur followers…

  6. Great start Kalyani.. 🙂
    I really liked the dishes listed in the lunch seems unique. Also the template of the blog used looks nicely organized and legible.
    Good luck to you 🙂

  7. Gud work da.Readng ur menu items i woud say u r nt kathukutty.
    Share kids spl..if niranjan permits…;)
    Best wishes dear

  8. Very good thought kalyani… nice posts 🙂 u should be trying new food for ur kid as well… share them as well. That will be useful for all the new moms 🙂 All tha best. Keep going

  9. Nice to see you doing something or other apart from your busy motherhood. Many congratulations Kals on ur efforts as a budding blogger… Awesome start!!

  10. Hi Kalyani its really a good thing I appreciate u bcos of ur busy schedule u r doing. Great job dear go ahead my best wishes ma

  11. woww kals.nice menu. i read food blogs all the time.. Il add urs to my list as well.. have fun blogging

  12. Nice work kalyani!
    Your blog looks well organized and the dishes looks very yummy:-)
    Keep posting new recipies 🙂

  13. Dear Kalyani you are the rocking star of St. IGNATIUS. Where ever you went and what ever you did I and we teachers heard very good of you.
    I am 100% confidence in you. What you touch will flourish. Wish you all the very best
    My heart is filled with joy to see my child as super star

  14. Hey kals,
    Happy to see ur blog. I user to wonder how come u haven’t start a blog or something related to computer . As u said I can see a responsible homemaker home maker here. Blending cooking n technology. Didn’t check all the recipes. But will do day by day. As of now it’s a great start n I love reading it. I also will b happy to give you few recipes of mine. Add quick dishes more tat helps working women. Love you

    Ramapriya y

  15. Good Start Kalyani. Looking forward for tasty receipes as I am one such kathukutty as well. 🙂

  16. Dear Kitchen Super Star Kalyani.. Great to see you in new avatar. I knew you are a prodigy and you shall excel in every field. I’m sure you gonna rock with your cooking talent as well. Your fineness in cooking is evident from the preciseness in language used. A warm welcome note and humpty number of fabulous cooking recipes as you started. We are extremely delighted to see our friend on the global platform. I wish this initiative becomes a great success and let kitchen kathukutty to become buzz around the globe.! 😉

  17. Very good start kalyani… eagerly waiting for more recipes to try out at my home 🙂
    credits to you 😛

  18. Hi Kalyani,

    Great work. . 🙂 It will be sooo helpful for all kathukutty’s 🙂 keep going. . Am sure you will rock in all. . Waiting to see more recipes from you.

  19. Sooo nice of u kals.. My best wishes fa ur new delicious start.. Let ur work grow more n more tastier…..

  20. Hey Kalyani 🙂 First of all, Congrats on the new blog!!! 🙂 🙂 Looking forward to use some o your yummy recipes and impress my family as well!!!! Cheers!!! Keep blogging!!!

  21. Keep up the good work kalyani. I can understand ur passion towards cooking though u have to manage ur home and especially junior :). If time permits post few easy, healrhy dishes also apart from this which will be useful for office goers. All the very besr dear 🙂

  22. Congrats sis. A really good initiative. My best wishes for your blog. I’ll follow your blog regularly and hope you post some easy dishes for bachelors/amateur cooks like me to try out.

  23. I always like the knowledge sharing attitude of yours which in turn increases the learning appetite within you…And this time it is vice-versa, you increase our “appetite” and bring out the foodie inside all of us.

    All the very best and keep up your good work!!!

  24. Hi akka!! Great attempt and good start 🙂
    Good luck!!! That potato fry and aloo mutter gravy with broccoli are mouth watering! Do continue your good work 🙂

  25. Its really a great attempt akka 🙂
    I admire you a looooooot…. Im sure your recipes will be useful to me as Im gng to start cooking very soon in 2 months…
    I will post you once I start trying them 🙂

    All the best akka 🙂

  26. Hi sis

    Tats a great work. Keep updating and we will keep following. From a great student to a great employee to a great wife to a great mom to a great chef(blogger). Long way to go and am sure u will rock as usual. 🙂 All is well

  27. You have an amazing blog there Kalyani! Also, I have landed in the right place being a foodie 😛 Anyways, am going to keep a tab on this page from now on. Keep those posts coming….

    Cheers & God bless…!!

  28. Hi Kalyani, I love the look and feel of your blog.The blog name is so cheeky 🙂 I too am new to food blogging.Just started about two months back.But have not been able to post much because of my 4 yr old.Now that his school has started I guess I will be able to devote more time.Looking to connect with you more..
    Cheers Varsha !

    1. Hi Varsha,
      It feels so good to receive a comment from a blogger like me.Thanks for your efforts in knowing my blog.Nice knowing you.Happy blogging 🙂 Do stay connected.Lets explore blogging together.BTB how did you come to know about my blog?I visited your blog.Great going.

      1. Actually I saw your comment in Chitra’s space and I was distracted by the blog name 🙂 and followed you from there. So there definitely is something to a name ! what say?

    1. Hi Vidya,Nice knowing you.Looking forward to stay connected in future 🙂 Do have a look at my recipes when time permits and share your feedback.Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your comments:)

  29. I have always been ur fan when it comes to ur recipes and advices 🙂 Your recipes are life hacks for me when it comes to cooking food and special healthy snacks for my kiddos Tiffin…. Thanks for making our life’s easy with ur recipes and timely advices. 🙂

  30. Hi Kalyani… I’m Looking for food chart and homemade foods for my six months baby… I can find the list of recipes recommended for babies but I couldn’t open it.. it’s asking for username and Password.. kindly tell me how to login????

  31. Hi kalyani.. This is Priya Srini (SM group fb). You are truly amazing. I was surfing your recipes as you said all are 100%healthy…. Planned of doing few of ur recipes … Will post after trying . Long way to go… God bless… And best wishes for the other wordpress blog too… Keep rocking yaar

  32. Your doing a very great job…Batts off to you dear….Am a regular follower of your page….Want to try some of ur recipes……..Tha ks a lot for ur innovative thoughts … Keep rocking

  33. Hi Kalyani,
    I am a mother of two boys. Both love snacks like somasa, French fries etc.. One likes spicy too much other does like it. The most challenging job is while cooking looking after the toddler is too tough. Trying to choose easy and healthy recipes for them esp snacks.
    Will be grateful if I get receipes by mail. My email id is roverjaya@gmail.com
    Thanks in advance

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