eggless apple sauce cake for toddlers and kids

Eggless Apple Sauce Cake for toddlers and kids-A moist apple cake with whole wheat and jaggery

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 Eggless Apple Sauce Cake for toddlers and kids:

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Did you find my previous post on baking basics useful? Here is my first attempt with a microwave oven with baking.  I am mom’s place and we don’t an oven here. So we took our uncles and experimented few. The outcome of this particular cake was surprising after 4 different attempts. It is totally unbelievable for me because it was a new experiment with new ingredients and equipment. I kindly request you to read through the entire post(along with P.S section and your equipment manual) and then proceed with the baking. The recipe doesn’t contain any unhealthy refined/processed ingredients. Not just the this recipe but 99% blog content and group content(Join Group for regular updates)Are you interested to know the ingredients?

Eggless Apple Sauce Cake:

Microwave used: LG Intellowave MB397WB

1 cup =200 ml

eggless apple sauce cake for toddlers and kids


If you are a beginner please read through this post for knowing all tips and trick to baking healthy and tasty

 Eggless Apple Sauce Cake for toddlers and kids:


  • Whole Wheat Flour- 1.5 cups
  • Jaggery-1 cup(finely grated)
  • Apple Sauce-1.5 cups (Thick)
  • Water-To dissolve jaggery
  • Melted Butter-3 to 5 tbsp
  • Baking Powder-1 tsp
  • Baking Soda-1/4 tsp
  • Tuti Fruity or Choco chips-To Garnish

eggless apple sauce cake for toddlers and kids


1. Measure and keep all the ingredients ready.

2. If your applesauce is not thick, cook for a few minutes. Know how to make applesauce at home here

eggless apple sauce cake for toddlers and kids

3. Cool the applesauce and bring it to room temperature before using.

4. In a saucepan add the jaggery and dissolve it by cooking in low flame.

5. Filter the impurities and cool it.

eggless apple sauce cake for toddlers and kids

5. Now add the whole wheat flour, baking powder and baking soda to a sieve and sift them together for 10-15 times. More the sifting lesser the density of the cake.

eggless apple sauce cake for toddlers and kids

6. When everything comes to room temperature you can begin preparing the cake batter and preheat your microwave oven(Microwave mode) or OTG for 10 mins(180 degrees C with both the filaments on).

7. Add the applesauce and melted butter to sifted dry ingredients.

eggless apple sauce cake for toddlers and kids

8. Mix them together and slowly add the jaggery syrup(dissolved and filtered) to make the cake batter.

9. Blend well to reach a semi-thick pouring consistency batter.

eggless apple sauce cake for toddlers and kids

10. Grease the pan, dust it with flour.

11. Add 1.5 tsp flour and mix with tutty fruity.

11. Pour the batter to the pan and top with tutty fruity.

eggless apple sauce cake for toddlers and kids

12.Bake for 5.5 minutes(check for the readiness with toothpick test and proceed till 7 minutes if not done).

13. Remove the cake tray and cool down completely.

eggless apple sauce cake for toddlers and kids1

14. Carefully remove it from the tray and enjoy the soft and spongy eggless applesauce cake.

eggless apple sauce cake for toddlers and kids


The temperature in OTG would be 180 degrees  C for 25 to 40 minutes.

Please read through the manual of your oven/otg to fix the right temperature and mode.

I used a microwave oven and baked in the microwave for 5.5 minutes.

Keep checking for readiness after 5 minutes in the microwave and after 25 minutes in OTG.

I have used homemade whole wheat flour.

Do not add the jaggery syrup all at once. Add one cup at first and rest add only if required.

The softness and density depend on the flour and the number of times you sieve. The cake was extremely soft and porous. I expected it to be dense as I skipped maida/APF. But to my surprise, it just melted in the mouth. The more you sieve the softer and fluffy the cake would be when you don’t use maida or refined flours.

You can use powdered palm sugar or palm jaggery instead of jaggery. There may be a difference in colour.

The colour might differ depending on the jaggery and apple used.

You can use walnuts or chopped badams instead of tuti fruity.

Wait for at least an hour before slicing the cake.

Go through the manual to fix the preheat temperature and timings.

The timing might vary from 25-40 minutes (temperature 180 degree C ) in OTG at used and tray used.Have a check using a toothpick after 25 minutes.

Using a wet cloth to wrap the tray after taking out of OTG/microwave helps in getting the cake out clean and perfect.

Dip the knife in hot water to slice the cake perfectly.

Sieving the dry ingredients is a major step which prevents disasters.

You can also top it with any nuts of your choice.

It stays good for 3 days at room temperature and 5 days in the refrigerator

Be generous in using butter to grease the pan.

The same cake can be made in a pressure cooker. Please check the steps in my wholegrain cake and oats banana cake recipes

This can be offered to babies above 1 year.

For babies below one year replace jaggery with homemade dates syrup

Please have a word with your doctor before introducing any new food to babies.

eggless apple sauce cake for toddlers and kid

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eggless apple sauce cake for toddlers and kids

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