Mushroom Thoran

Kerala Style Mushroom Thoran Recipe

Kerala Style Mushroom Thoran Recipe

Hello All! How was Pongal Celebrations? Hope all of you enjoyed and had a wonderful festive time with friends and family. Coming to today’s post, it is a GUEST POST from a fellow mommy blogger. She is Mrs.Swathy Nandhini and she is such a dedicated blogger as of I know and I really like the innovation she makes with recipes. She is such a selfless person who wholeheartedly helps any fellow blogger too.I really appreciate her for that. When I had approached her for a guest post she readily said yes and sent me this lovely recipe in no time. I somehow had delayed posting it due to certain personal barriers. I am extremely sorry for the wait Swathy.Thanks for sending me this special recipe and the way she had given me left me no job except copying & pasting. So perfectly done :)Wishing her a great journey ahead as a blogger(Please don’t forget to visit

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Barnyard millet/Jhangora/Kuthiraivaali sweet pongal

Kuthiraivaali sweet pongal

I am happily witnessing PONGAL/MAKAR SANKRANTHI preparations all around and I wanted to give a healthy version of Pongal which is definitely a ROYAL treat. This is my mother’s recipe and I just love it. She usually makes it with raw rice and rock candy(Karkandu). We tried a modified version of it with millet and palm sugar. It came out so well and it was just yummy. To know the benefits of barnyard millet/Kuthiraivalli please refer hereContinue reading “Barnyard millet/Jhangora/Kuthiraivaali sweet pongal”