whole wheat momos recipe

Whole Wheat Momos Recipe

Whole Wheat Momos Recipe:

I have always liked exploring various cuisines and momos has been one of my favourites. The store-bought ones are made with maida and they are mostly preserved and frozen. Hence I prefer making it at home with whole wheat flour(samba godhumai maavu). These were made long back by my man. I am finally posting after 3 months Continue reading “Whole Wheat Momos Recipe”

Corn Puttu Recipe

Corn Puttu Recipe|Chola Puttu Recipe

Corn Puttu Recipe|Chola Puttu Recipe

Steamed Corn Puttu Recipe|Chola Puttu Recipe with step by step images- With the heavy summer waves, steamed foods and natural coolant dishes are a must in a daily routine and they are so so apt to combat summer. This corn puttu was prepared long ago and I had also loaded the images. But I somehow had forgotten to write the recipe. Continue reading “Corn Puttu Recipe|Chola Puttu Recipe”

5 taste uthappam recipe

5 taste uthappam recipe for toddlers and kids|Five taste uthappam recipe

5 taste uthappam recipe for toddlers and kids|Five taste uthappam recipe:

Mini uthappams or 5 or 7 taste uthappam have always been a part of any function or party at home. I made this 5 taste uthappam last October and only doing I am working on to add the recipe post. The choices you can make with the toppings are innumerable and I am giving some 5 ideas here. Hope you liked the collection of breakfast & dinner recipes and snacks for kids

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easy summer dinner recipes

Easy Summer Dinner Recipes For Babies,Toddlers & Kids-Quick & Best Dinner Ideas for Summer

Easy Summer Dinner Recipes:

The sun is roasting us left, right and centre even before the beginning of April Month. The southern parts of India are suffering from severe heat waves and managing it day to day is becoming a struggle. To keep us healthy this summer, the key point is to eat right and stay hydrated. Here is a collection of summer drinks/beverages to keep you cool naturally. These are a collection of beverages recipes from my fellow bloggers Gouthami(ClicksnBites) & Veena(VeenasVegNation). Now that you have a huge collection from 3 of our blogs please avoid artificial coolants and carbonated drinks.

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Chola Paniyaram|Sorghum Dumplings|Sola Paniyaram- Sweet/Karupatti Paniyaram

Chola Paniyaram|Sorghum Dumplings|Sola Paniyaram:

How did you like the spicy version Sorghum Paniyaram and the other collection of paniyarams? We had friends for dinner and they loved them. They were loving the health quotient and yummy taste. Hope you would also love more millet recipes which kids will love. Today’s is a sweet version made with palm jaggery just like kambu/bajra paniyaram and palm jaggery paniyaram

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Wheat Tofu Momos/Wheat Momos

Wheat Tofu Momos/Wheat Momos Recipe

Wheat Tofu Momos/Wheat Momos Recipe:
Hello Folks! Hope you had a great celebration last week. Todays’ recipe is a guest post. This is from the same contest I had mentioned earlier.It is from the group “Roasts n Grinds”. We had called for healthy recipes with tofu/mushroom/soya and healthy baking recipes.  The recipe today is “Wheat Tofu Momos” and it is by Mrs.Gomathi Subbarayan from Tirunelveli. Thank you so much for your recipes.And did I tell you?I am a huge fan of momos. I just control myself because of refined flour usage.My better half makes super awesome wheat momos at home. Find tofu burji and tofu polichathu recipe here.

I have been inviting guest posts to my blog after publishing 100 recipes to honour all friends and supporters. So here is my personal invite to each of you out there“I invite pure vegetarian recipes with mushrooms/soya chunks /tofu or any healthy baked goodie or any of your family’s traditional recipe. Whoever is interested, please write to me at kitchenkathukutty@gmail.com with ingredients, detailed recipe and step by step images(at-least two to three final images). I will be happy and honoured to post the same on my blog. ” Please find the guest posts here
Over to Mrs.Gomathi.

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Ragi Idly

Ragi Idli|Finger Millet Idli|Ragi Idli for babies,toddlers and kids with Idli-Dosa Batter

Ragi Idli:

Ragi Idli/Finger Millet Idly/Nachini ka Idli with our simple idly-dosa batter and sprouted ragi flour is what we are going to have as our today’s recipe.Ragi/nachini/Finger Millet is one our traditional millets and super nutritious with iron and calcium.Ragi is one the common baby foods in India and it can be included for six months. You can give it as porridge,idly, dosa, halwa, cake, cookies,kheer, cook like rice and a lot more.Ragi for babies can be given from six months. Ragi idli can be made with whole ragi grains and urad dhal or just made with ragi flour like today’s recipe.Here are other ragi recipes from my blog.

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ragi pidi kozhukkattai

Ragi Pidi Kozhukkattai/Sweet Finger Millet Dumplings

Ragi/Finger Millet/Nachini/Kelvaragu/Keppai-This is a super food from our ancestors which is again gaining momentum now.I have been regularly using this as part of baby food and our regular meal in all recipes ranging from porridge to cakes/cookies.You can find all recipes using it here

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red rice idiyappam

Red Rice String Hoppers|Sigappu Arisi Idiyappam

Sigappu Arisi Idiyappam:

String Hoppers/Home Made Noodles/Idiyappam/Sandhavai is a favourite of my son.He enjoys it so much with coconut milk .The way mom makes it traditionally is pretty lengthy but it yields the softest fluffy string hoppers.(Recipe here) .This instant recipe of making string hoppers is what my aunt and MIL taught me and it is a life saver during hustle bustle morning hours(Recipe Here). Today’s recipe is red rice idiyappam.Red rice is very rich in iron and the red colour is from the antioxidants present in it.This is said to be anti inflammatory and also helps in preventing cancer.Sorry for bad images.

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millet ven pongal


Millet Venpongal:

Millets-They have occupied my kitchen to a huge extent. I experiment with them in every possible way from simple/old pongal to baked goodies like cakes/cookies/muffins. The best part of this is our family has become used to this and we have millets at least thrice in a week.Today’s recipe is a simple ven pongal with millet(varagu/thinai/saamai/pani varagu) in pressure cooker.I have already posted a sweet pongal recipe with millet and our traditional pongal cooking. This is a super quick version for busy mornings. Find all millet recipes here  Continue reading “SIRUTHANIYA VEN PONGAL|MILLET VEN PONGAL”