Sathu Maavu/Multigrain Health Mix/Home made cerelac is one regular food in my daily routine. I begin my mornings with this drink and I prefer making roti or dosa twice a week with this so that it gets included in my little one’s diet too. I somehow have not experimented giving him this as a porridge to him because it is always recommended to stop offering porridges as regular meals above 8 months for babies.This dosa recipe was an instant try and it really turned out good in taste.You can realise the struggle I had in making perfect dosa with the images. Yeah.. Some extra care and patience is required to make this dosa without tearing into pieces.You shall definitely master the skill on your second trial itself for sure.This recipe will be an excellent choice in terms of nutrition and less effort.There is no need to grind or ferment batter to make this dosa.I kindly request you to please read the P.S section for more details. Continue reading “INSTANT MULTIGRAIN DOSA|SATHUMAAVU DOSAI”

Instant Tomato Dosa-No Fermentation Required

Tomato Dosa:
Instant Tomato Dosa-This recipe was first introduced to me by my Chithi. She is a wonderful cook who keeps trying varieties. I have heard of many recipes of tomato dosa but I found no recipe matching this dosa’s taste. Come let’s make tangy red tomato dosa 🙂

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